Five Lira Skiing on Mount Erciyes

Erciyes Mountain 'Five Pound Ski Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Management Board Cıngı: "Our goal is the family that the minimum wage to a living breaking the idea that the rich sports of skiing, even to benefit from the facilities at Erciyes" "more than one ski resort in Turkey last year we sold our 25 pounds The price of a full-day ticket for 7 departures was 130 lira.

Erciyes Turkey's most important ski resorts, accommodation, use of mechanical equipment, food and beverage service in gave the start to the season by not claim to be the cheapest ski resort in the world.

Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor due to Erciyes Inc. Administrative Council Murat Cahid Cıngı, AA said in a statement it has made to reporters, Erciyes professional sense, is the only ski resort in yönetilmektd in Turkey, he said that it reflected the price policy.

Stating that even those who do not have a private vehicle can easily go to Erciyes thanks to the bus services initiated by the municipality during the winter season, Cıngı stated that 18 mechanical facilities in Erciyes are related to the Municipality and that they want everyone from young to old, from seven to 70 to benefit from these facilities.

Cıngı stated that the Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality is aimed at the public and is not aimed for profit.

“Our aim is to break the idea that skiing is a rich sport and to ensure that even families who earn their living with minimum wage benefit from the opportunities in Erciyes. For this, we keep our prices at the lowest level. Our citizens who only want to ride the gondola without skiing will pay exactly 4, student 2, and skiers who buy tickets for 35 days will pay 25 TL, students will pay 300 TL, season ticket buyers will pay 200 TL and students 25 TL. In other words, the fee for using the mechanical facilities of our skiers is five lira for a single exit. In the previous year, more than one ski resort in Turkey we sell our 7 pounds 130 çıkışlık fiyatı60 lira's full-day ticket. The price of daily tickets at ski resorts in Europe is around XNUMX euros. In this respect, Erciyes is the cheapest ski center in the world. "

1 liraya tea, five pounds of sausage bread

Stating that citizens who come to Erciyes will also encounter reasonable prices in terms of eating and drinking, Cıngı stated that even five -6 years ago, a glass of tea, which was five lira, was offered for 1-2 lira, and sausage-bread, which was sold for 10-15 lira, was offered for five lira. .

at Erciyes in accommodations Turkey and much Cıngı explaining that much cheaper compared to other centers in Europe, "in more than one ski resort in Turkey season at 600 pounds per person per day bed fee varies between Erciyes 150-280 pounds. "Per person bed fees in ski centers in Europe exceed one thousand lira", he explained.

Cıngı, in other ski centers in Turkey, especially mechanical plant that is higher than the price of Erciyes due to be operated by private companies, citing asks the operator does not want stressed that the price reflects the cost.

Stating that they do not worry about profit in Erciyes, Cıngı said, “Our Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Özhaseki also emphasizes this issue. He pays attention to the regulation of prices in a way that does not make anyone upset ”.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:51

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