Elvan: The ratio is too low to achieve 2023 targets on the rail

Elvan: Railway in 2023 n in the attachment rate very düşük.türki Grand National Assembly (Parliament) budget, speaking in interviews Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, opposition members of parliament, 'the rail, we can catch the 2023 targets?' answered the question. "The rate is very low," said Elvan. Around 3 percent. Very low. It's pretty low. ” used the expression. Evaluating this as a very sad thing for them, Minister Elvan said, “It is a sad thing for us. We should pay attention to railway investments, especially freight transport. ” said.

Minister Elvan gave information about the point reached in railway transportation. Expressing that it is wrong to think of the railway only about passenger transportation, Minister Elvan said, “It is important for our industry to increase our competitiveness. The cost of a container from Karaman to Mersin is $ 1100. The cost of a container from Mersin to China is 600 dollars. When you do this by road transport, there is a serious cost burden on companies. There should be a 'high speed train' between high metropolitan areas, but a 'high speed train' on other routes. For this reason, we will give importance to high speed trains due to the importance of freight transportation. We have projects that bring Central Anatolia and Aegean to the port. There will be serious increases in the competitiveness of our operators. We care for freight transport. ” spoke in the form.


Minister Elvan, opposition lawmakers, 'Will we be able to reach 2023 targets on the railway?' In his reply to the question, his work on achieving his goals said, “The rate is quite low. Around 3 percent. Very low. It's pretty low. ” he evaluated. Describing this as a very sad thing for them, Minister Elvan said, “It's a sad thing for us. We should pay attention to railway investments, especially freight transport. We will be focusing mainly on high speed trains, 120 km in freight and 200 km in passenger transportation. YHT over 250 km. High speed trains maximum 200 km. ” he spoke.

Confessing that he has been dependent on foreign trade in the field of signalization, Minister Elvan said, “We could not come to the signalization technically. In this regard, we are working to carry out our own national signaling studies. We have come to an important stage. ” said.

yht' currently 106 units that share the information that they consider the manufacture of high-speed train Ministers Elven, while 80 said they think the yht'y of manufacturing in Turkey.


Minister Elvan gave information about R & D activities. Minister Elvan, water-based road marking paint that they have developed, reminded that previously used thinner-based paint. Minister Elvan said that the new paint was saved with great savings and said that the paint does not harm the environment.

Elvan stated that another R&D study is silent, safe, long-lasting asphalt work. Stating that the life of asphalt will increase by 33 percent with this study, Elvan said, “We have started using this technology now. We ensure the recovery of asphalt. It was not recycled before. ” said.

Elvan, another important development, progressed in the mixture of warm asphalt, he said. Elvan transfer of the work is not finished yet, with the start of the use of asphalt in the winter months can do work, he said.

Giving information about the works related to the smart transportation system, Elvan said, “Currently, it has reached the smart transportation centers in 8-10 provinces. In İzmir Antalya, Ankara, Gebze, all the information about the weather, the route of the tunnels, and which route the citizens follow, reaches our citizens from there. ” he spoke.

On the other hand, during the presentation of Minister Elvan, the slide was stuck. The disruption of Elvan's presentation was criticized by opposition lawmakers.

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