Information Visit from Efeler Municipality to Tcdd 3. Regional Directorate

Information Visit from Efeler Municipality to Tcdd 3rd Regional Directorate: Efeler Municipality made an informative visit to TCDD Business 3rd Regional Directorate in Izmir.

As it was reported that the work of adding the 2nd line to the single line of the existing railway between Aydın and Denizli has been started, the council members Fikri Aydın, Hakkı, Hakkı Aydın With the participation of Gümüş, Rıza Posacı, Ahmet Ünveren and Ertuğrul Özdemir, an information visit was made to the 3rd Regional Directorate of TCDD.


Providing information on the subject, Efeler Municipality Development and Urbanization Manager Ayla Yüksel said, “Aiming to develop and grow socially, economically, culturally and spatially for the Basin, which consists of Aydın-Muğla-Denizli provinces; The 05/2011 scaled environmental plan is in force, the latest changes of which were approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (abolished Ministry of Environment and Forestry) on 1 July 100000. It is stated in the Plan Explanation Report of this upper scale plan that it is aimed to eliminate this deficiency as much as possible within the scope of the plan due to the fact that the railway and maritime physical infrastructure is not sufficiently developed in our country, the transportation need is predominantly loaded on the road network and an unbalanced and inefficient transportation system between the types of transportation, The Aydın-Çine-Güllük railway project, which has been completed by the DLH General Directorate for the region, has been planned and the section between the Kardeşköy-Umurlu neighborhoods of the existing intercity railway line in the city center of Aydın has been determined as 'Urban Light Rail System Route'. For the intercity railway line between İncirliova-Serçeköy settlements in this section, the south-west route was determined parallel to the settlement spot of Efeler city and the intercity route was separated from the urban settlement areas. Thus, by taking the intercity railway line to the south, it is aimed to eliminate the negativities in the system, which creates a negative physical threshold / obstacle in the city and causes problems in transportation security. ”


Efeler Mayor M. Mesut Özakcan said, “The informative meeting we held with the officials of TCDD Enterprise 3rd Regional Directorate on the revolutionary project for Aydın was very productive. Taking the railway that passes through Aydın out of the city, as in the plan, is a common project that we will all accept. Already in this information meeting, the officials of the 3rd Regional Directorate of DDY were informed about the railway transportation infrastructure of Efeler district, the Efeler Municipality delegation about the investments to be made in the near future, and the improvements made on the current line will not prevent the light rail / suburban transportation system to be created in accordance with the future need in the city and "A consensus has been reached on the possibility of using the railway transportation system more effectively with inter-institutional cooperation."

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