Suspension bridge project at Dipsiz Lake Waterfall

Suspension bridge project to Dipsiz Göl Waterfall: Within the framework of the efforts to bring Dipsiz Göl Waterfall in Sivas's Doğanşar district to tourism, it is planned to build a 60-meter-long suspension bridge to the waterfall. Doğanşar District Governor Hakan Kafkas stated that Dipsiz Göl Waterfall, which is 82 kilometers from Sivas and 16 kilometers from Doğanşar, is one of the most beautiful places in the region. Stating that they are planning to open Dipsiz Lake and the waterfall to tourism, Kafkas stated that they prepared the “Dipsiz Lake and Dipsiz Göl Waterfall Recreation Area Project” within this framework and said, “Our project has been approved by our General Directorate of Forestry. If it happens, we are planning to build a suspension bridge with a length of approximately 50 meters across our waterfall, which is approximately 60 meters in height, within the framework of the project. A walking track will be built here. Camellias will be made within the scope of the project, ”he explained. With the completion of the project, the waterfall and the lake will become a beautiful place that citizens can visit and see since 2015, Kafkas said, "We are planning to build the longest suspension bridge in Sivas region again to the waterfall with the highest fall in Sivas."
Cumhuriyet University (CU) Literature Faculty Geography Department Head Assoc. Dr. Gülpınar Akbulut stated that with the work to be carried out, Dipsiz Göl and Dipsiz Göl Waterfall will have a special importance in the "Sivas Geoheritage Inventory Atlas Project" carried out in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, CÜ and the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration. Within the framework of the project, sports fields, camellias, walking track and ladder and approximately 60 meters of suspension bridge with steel ropes will be built in the region where there is a waterfall with plateau houses, picnic areas and fountains around.


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