We Don't Want Privatization in Railways

We Don't Want Privatization on Railways: Members of the United Transport Association (BTS) have launched a Walk-by-Action action to respond to the decision to privatize TCDD routes. BTS Financial Secretary General Erdal Uysal, who was the guest of Güneş TV mainstream peers in order to give information about this action, explained why they resorted to such an action and how the railroad workers would be affected if privatization was carried out.

Erdal Uysal gave the following information about the actions; Anlat We are marching against the privatization practices of the railways. From the point of departure, we have organized such an action and event to tell both the public and the employees that the liberalization of the railways is actually a privatization with the railway walk from the 17 range 2014 on the XNUMX.

As a unified transport union, we see ourselves as the conscience of railways. We carry out our works as an organization favoring the right, law and work peace. 1980 feasibility study made the point that the reason for going soggy after martial law in the military who want to take advantage of the chaos unfolding in the European Union member countries, the World Bank representative on a company's railways Turkey. In this feasibility study, somehow, they concentrated as railway employees as rotten people, with a presentation from the point where there is a surplus of staff, after which the institution started to start a process by creating a substructure of privatization by reducing the number of personnel. Within this start, a personnel reduction of around 35 was made. However, the duties of a road donor of a train elite officer, a road sergeant were suspended. They were not included in the staff structuring process. These things drew our attention. However, our sample privatization process in Turkey has had a monopoly such as that we are living processes, such as holding a sümer process, the PA process, however. When you follow this process, you will see that the state is continuing in the same process category on the railways.

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