Plant And Snow Problem In Davraz Ski Center

Davraz Ski Center in Plant and Profit Problem: Turkey Ski Federation Board Member Yavuz Tanyeri, came to Isparta to make observations Davraz Ski Resort.

Turkey Ski Federation Board Member Yavuz Tanyeri ski hotel in the examination before Barida Davraz'l presentation was made containing the relevant technical information. Deputy Governor Tahir Demir, BAKA Secretary General Tuncay Engin, apartment managers and Isparta Tourism Association President Fevzi Özdemir also attended the meeting.

Making a statement after the presentation, Yavuz Tanyeri said that there are criteria that must be fulfilled in order to become a ski resort and to be able to participate in domestic and international sports competitions. Noting that transportation is at the top of these criteria, Tanyeri said, “It is very important that the road to reach the ski center is not affected by natural disasters. The second requirement is energy. Electricity needs to be heated. The third requirement is the provision of infrastructure sewage services. The fourth requirement is slope. So the mountain. Skiing can only be done if there is a slope. The rules for the slope are also clear. The International Ski Federation has set its rules for all branches. "If you do not recognize the rules then you cannot organize international competitions."

In Turkey, close to 30 national and international activities that do, 40 percent of them pointed out that in Palandöken in Erzurum Tanyeri of, "Erzurum, is among the oldest mountains like Erciyes mountains. Hotels were built here. There was a shortage of snow for 3-4 years. They found their way into this business. They brought artificial snow and ensured that competitions were held. In order for the races to be held in Davraz, there must first be a guarantee of profit. The mechanical plant and snow problem must be solved. Ponds should be built in a way that does not leak water. "You can get enough snow to make 600 meters of skiing from 100 cubic meters of water."

Isparta Tourism Association President Fevzi Özdemir stated that Davraz Ski Center is a center that has solved its problems in terms of transportation and infrastructure and said that they expect support from Tanyeri for the review of the three-stage Davraz Ski Center Investment Plan, which was previously presented to Ankara. Stating that the Ski Federation has priority in issues such as the sports hotel in Davraz and the gym where training will be held in many sports branches, Özdemir said, “We want positive discrimination against Davraz. Davraz expects attention from us. We want the competitions to be held in Davraz ”.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:48

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