Chinese Locomotive Company CNR KazanBase Chose

Chinese Locomotive Company KazanChose The Base: China North Railways, which produces high-speed trains, locomotives and wagons of CHINA, aspired to high-speed train investments in Turkey. Liu Gang, the project manager of the company, which aspires to high-speed train investments in Turkey with a budget of 200 million dollars, stated that they are eager for the metros to be built in Istanbul in the first place.

The company, which is stated to want high-speed train projects planned to be built in the country, said that Ankara Kazan It was noted that with the factory to be established in the district of Turkey, it will aspire to investments in the Middle East, Europe, Turkic Republics and Africa as well as in Turkey, and it will export through Turkey. It has been stated that the company officials want to use Turkey as a base that opens to the world. KazanAfter the meeting with the Turkish officials of the company, which is doing research for suitable land in Turkey, and the officials of the Ministry of Transport and Finance. Kazan He met with Mayor Lokman Ertürk at dinner.

As it is rapidly advancing towards becoming a technology city, KazanLiu Gang, the project manager of China Noroth Railways, and the accompanying officials, who were stated to want to evaluate the project, from Mayor Lokman Ertürk. Kazan received information about It has been stated that 350 people will be employed for the factory, which will be located on 200 decares of land, in the first place. The officials, who did not make a statement about the location, stated that the first excavation for the factory will be made after the conclusion of the tenders, and that this date will be around May 2015.

Kazan Mayor Lokman Ertürk gave momentum to the district of the investment to be made. kazanExpressing that he willKazan it is now a district that is followed not only by the Turkic Republics, but also by the world. Kazanrailway, which is the second largest investment after air transportation. KazanIt is a great chance for our county to be in . With the high-speed train locomotive, wagons and rails to be installed in our district by company officials from China, employment will be provided in our district and contribution will be made to its development.

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