Common rail project from China and Brazil

Joint railway project from China and Brazil: Chinese President Xi Jinping and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff met at the summit, which participated in the G-20 Summit that ended yesterday in Brisbane, Australia. Xi called for an early and comprehensive development in the railway cooperation between the two countries.

Xi said the two sides should work together to help liberalize the trade and make substantial progress in the transport system and building a high-speed train rail network in Brazil. The President of China also stressed the importance of a transcontinental South American railway connecting Brazil and Peru.

Xi noted that he hopes that Brazil will actively contribute to the first Sino-Latin American Ministerial meeting in Beijing next year.

Rousseff said that they attach great importance to Xi's offers and welcome China's participation in high-speed train projects in his country. The Brazilian President expressed his desire to establish a working team for the transcontinental South American railway at an early date.

Rousseff also said that Brazil wants to improve cooperation with China in areas such as oil and gas, new energy, satellite and information technology.



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