ÇerkezköyAsphalt Patching to Pits in the Road

ÇerkezköyAsphalt Patching to Potholes in the Road Çerkezköy the pits that occur in places on Hikmet Uğraş Street, which is one of the busiest streets of the district, will be covered with hot asphalt and repaired.
Çerkezköy Provincial Directorate of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality of hot water demanded by the authorities who expressed the weekend, until the end of the weekend Hikmet Uğraş Caddesi Lemar Business Center starting from the center of the water displacement pits occurring in the area until the hot asphalt pavement was reported to be repaired.
Stating that the pits on the road occasionally cause accidents, residents said, “Necessary precautions should be taken before anything happens to someone. It is not necessary to expect a disaster for a job to be done. We are sure that our municipality will complete this work as soon as possible. ”

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