CER Human Resources Managers Group 111 Meeting was held

📩 30/11/2018 18:13

CER Human Resources Managers Group 111 Meeting was held: European Community of Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) Human Resources Managers Group 111. The meeting was hosted by 30-31 October 2014 in Antalya / Kemer.

The members of our Entity, one of the working groups of CER site where the CE Human Resources Managers said a meeting of city transport social dialogue of the Group, adaptability-interoperability, employability-equal opportunities, the European Commission notification and CE position for it on the social dialogue of the European Union, Turkey social dialogue, common human resources key performance indicators, corporate social responsibility, 4. The subjects such as the Railway Package, the social aspects of the personnel-working group report, the mechanic directive were discussed.

Libor LOCHMAN, Executive Director of the meeting was the chairman of the meeting. TETAŞ who attended the meeting Human Resources Department Vice President Mustafa GEDİZ and located in Namik NAMAL agenda "TCDD Project-2023 Goals", "Human Resources TCDD Structure Issues and Social Issues" and "Social Dialogue in Turkey" by making their presentations and answered the questions of participants.

Our company is represented by the Human Resources Department and the Department of Foreign Affairs, the European Rail and Infrastructure Companies Society (CER) and CER (France) Railways (SNCF), Germany Railways (DB), Japan Railways Company (JR EAST), Lithuania Railways (LG) ), Austrian Railways (ÖBB-Holding), Czech Republic Railway Infrastructure Company (SŽDC), Czech Republic Railway Freight Company (ŞirketiD Cargo), Slovakia Railway Infrastructure Company (ŽSR), Slovakia Railway Passenger Transportation Company (ZSSK), Luxembourg Railways ( Representatives of the Serbian Railways (ZS) and the Union of Train Operators (ATOC) participated in the meeting.

On the evening of the first day of the meeting, participants were given an official dinner on behalf of our Company.

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