From BURULAŞ to the news of bikers

Good news for cyclists from BURULAŞ: Good news came from BURULAŞ, which works under Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, for public transportation vehicles in Bursa.

In order to support bicycles, it will be possible to travel by bike to BURSARAY. According to the information received from the ticket offices and the information received from BURULAŞ in the morning 06: 30-10: 00: 16: 00: 19: 00 hours, except for the public transportation of the public transportation vehicles can be accessed by bicycle, while only one bike is allowed to the warnings of the officials were requested.

According to the statement, there is no extra charge for the bike. Bike groups said they were satisfied with the application and they wanted to increase the use of bicycles by attaching a bicycle carrying apparatus to buses like in Istanbul.



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