Bursaray Görükle Extension Line Racked

Bursaray Görükle extension line was lifted: Bursaray, which became the backbone of the public transport in the city, ends at the İzmir Yolu route with Uludağ University on the way to Mudanya on the way to Emek and Ankara Road in Kestel.

Kestel seems to be the last stop. But there is an extension in the roads of Mudanya and Izmir. As a matter of fact, preliminary project work was completed to extend Bursat to Balat in order to reach high-speed train.

There was also an extension of Görükle from Uludağ University. However, the cost of this extension was high because of the need for splitting.

For this reason, the Görükle extension was shelved for the time being.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz


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