Reaction to the construction of the cable car line in Bursa

Reaction to the cable car line construction in Bursa: The “Uludağ Touching Platform” reacted to the cutting of trees for the ropeway project intended to be built in Uludağ.

Members of the 'Touching Platform', the new ropeway project in progress, state officials will be completed without cutting the tree and the court in this direction, despite the decision to stop the execution of the tree is cut and the construction is continued, the construction of the bungalow was completed despite the court's decision to cancel the action, he said.

Bursa Bar Association, Chamber of City Planners of nature for it, Nilufer City Council Uludag Working Group, BAKUTI, Uludag Touch Platform created by the Summit Mountaineering, 'Turkey' White Heaven 'is described as Uludag Sarıalan in the press release relating to applications in Uludag made. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of DOĞADER Murat Demir stated that they had come to protest the construction of bungalow type houses with the new ropeway project in Uludağ. On behalf of the Platform Bursa Bar Association Environmental Commission President Attorney Eralp Atabek spoke. Be declared protected under the National Parks of Europe in place so 11.5, 6 percent Atabeks pointed out that in the world, has announced that this rate is a percent in Turkey. Atabek reminded that Uludağ was declared a National Park in 1961, said:

X 33 endemic plant species have been taken under protection with 1320 plant species in Uludağ. With its forests and water resources, Uludağ, which is of vital importance not only for Bursa but for the whole of Southern Marmara, is losing its feature of National Park due to the constructions formed by the cooperation of capital, state and local government. According to the National Parks Law, the ecological balance and the natural eco system cannot be broken, wildlife, plant and tree species cannot be destroyed. Except for defense military facilities, no structure can be installed or operated. Savunma

Atabek stated that the court decisions and laws were disregarded in Uludağ and that they were gathered for the wrongs in the new ropeway project. Yellowfield and the 1 region between the intensive forest in the area of ​​changes in the project suggesting Atabek, then filed a lawsuit said. Atabek stated that the construction was stopped by 2 Administrative Court of Bursa on 30 July 2013 as a result of the case opened as a platform.

Atabek, 10 month after the decision on the month of May in the Mayor of Bursa 'cableway from the top of the trees will take you to the area of ​​hotels' is a statement, and high-masted plan returned, he said. 2 2 week after the announcement of the base of the base 500'nci Sobran Stream from the cable route planned for the Sarıalan'da 700 meter in the XNUMX tree cut more than Atabek said:

Resmi We sued the Civil Court of First Instance to formally determine this situation. The court expert committee confirmed that these trees were recently discontinued in the 1 report of July 2014. This report is clear proof that the Ministry of Forestry National Parks Directorate of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and the Leitner Company, which undertook the construction of the ropeway, did not recognize the court's decision, ignored it, violated a duty and committed a crime against the state. Bu

Regarding the construction of bungalow houses made in Çobankaya Region, Atabek reminiscent of the decision of the Bursa 3 Administrative Court of Appeals in January about the construction of the houses. Expressing that a crime committed in Uludag, Atabek, "Uludag state to protect the state has been removed from a state, the law is ignored and destroyed by the state has been converted into an area," he said.

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