Bosphorus Bridge safety interventions

Occupational Safety Exercise at Bosphorus Bridge: Work safety expert Burak Catakoglu carried out a breathtaking rescue exercise in the viaduct of the Bosphorus Bridge to draw attention to the deaths of workers. Çatakoğlu, who lifted the workers with a rope from the height of approximately 50 meters, drew attention to the importance of workers wearing belts.
Where about a thousand a year 500 the murder of a worker killed in Turkey added a new one every day of the workers' deaths. Life rope system was put into operation in the Ortaköy viaducts of the Bosphorus Bridge, which was undergoing renovations to reduce workers' deaths. While the maintenance of the bridges was normally carried out with the help of the pier, a platform was established for the workers. Workers who entered under the bridge with the help of this platform, hooked with the life rope in case of falling platform.
A drill was carried out to prevent the deaths of workers. Experts told the workers what to do in a negative situation. The workers were evacuated from the platform under the bridge with the help of a rope connected to a reel. One of the hardest things about the job was to lower the injured on the stretcher from a height of approximately 50 meters. The worker, who was tied to the stretcher by ropes, was successfully lowered with the help of a rope.
Burak Çatakoğlu stated that the high-level workers had high-level training programs, as well as high-level rescue trainings. In this sense, Turkey established the first platform. This platform makes it very simple to enter under the viaducts and bridges. Our aim here is to ensure the safety of workers in a safe manner. The techniques applied here are industrial recovery techniques. Previously, mountaineering systems were used. They're the methods of recovery, but not very effective. We use industrial recovery techniques here, Biz he said.
500 thousand a year per person in the business of murder Çatakoğl Noting that lost their lives in Turkey, "They 300 also loses its life high to fall. Since deaths are singular, they do not consider too much. The workers need to know how to use the seat belt, to wear it, to use horizontal life lines, to use the vertical lines of life and how to evacuate in the event of an emergency in order to be able to work safely at the height. The techniques are simple, Teknik he said.
Emphasizing that the measures to be taken for occupational safety are not very costly, Çatakoğlu said, Ç Compared to other expenditures, maybe there is a budget with 0,1. I would like to state that all your worker friends should work safe. Every company owner should receive training on heights. Workers need to understand that they have to work with the belt, İş he said.



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