Bin 620 annual bridge, witnessing history

The thousand-year-old 620 bridge is a witness to history: behind the Seyhan River, there is a strong source that finds the way from the top of the Taurus Mountains and unites in Çukurova.
Seyhan River flows through the fertile soil of Çukurova and divides Adana from north to south. Breathing in the city through which it passes through and giving peace with its turquoise color, this river also feeds two dams, Catalan and Seyhan. Besides the beauty of Seyhan which gives a completely different air to the city, there is a bridge over the river that is really worth seeing. Made in MS 320. On the neck of Seyhan pearl looks like a throat Taşköprü. The language is easy to build, built in a thousand years ago. It is the oldest bridge in the world still used. History sources say that Taşköprü was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Taşköprü, which was restored in certain periods, is actually 620-eyed. Taşköprü was repaired several times during the Ottoman period. The length is 21 meters, while the width is 14 meters. It is enough to come to Adana city center to see this work that has witnessed the history of a thousand 2006 years.


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