Turkmen President Examines Eurasian Tunnel Studies

President Türkmen, Eurasian Tunnel Studies Examined: Eurasia Tunnel to connect the continent of Europe and Asia, the construction reached half of the strait. Uskudar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen, 2 examined the works on the tunnel planned to be launched in the year.
Uskudar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen, Eurasia Tunnel to connect Asia and Europe from the bottom of the seabed to the highway tunnel, the Republic of South Korea's Consul General of the Republic of Jeon Tae-Dong and the contractor company received information by visiting.
While the excavations of the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which is expected to bring great relief to the traffic in Istanbul, continued, the tunnel was informed about the tunnel about the tunnel to the visitors at the central site at the entrance of the tunnel located behind Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital. Afterwards, Jeon Tae-Dong, the Consul General of the Republic of South Korea, entered the tunnel to get information about the works together with the Mayor of Uskudar, Turkmen and his assistants.
President Turkmen and his delegation, after taking the necessary security measures in the area of ​​the excavation of vehicles by entering the area reached approximately 1.5 miles.
Civil Engineer Emin Karaman made a presentation about the operation of the project. 2013 48 2016 in the beginning of the studies will continue for months, indicating that the end of the year XNUMX said the project.
Visitors were informed about the highlighted CPC among the tunnel digging machines in the world. Designed and built specifically for the Eurasia Tunnel project, the TBM is also the largest in the world with the largest 6 excavation diameter.
The project will be a total length of 14.6 kilometers when the completion of the 400 person working day and night shifts were emphasized. 15 minutes of arrival between the two collar project will reduce the height of the tunnel 2.75 vehicle gabarisi specified. From Anatolia to Europe, from the lower floor, from Europe to Asia from the upper floor and only cars and small vans in the tunnel can not use trucks and buses can not.
In an interview with a TV channel broadcasting in South Korea, President Hilmi Türkmen emphasized that the project is expected to relieve the traffic between 20 and 30 in Istanbul. Jen Maybe it will not solve 100% of Istanbul traffic but it will bring great relief. Every day thousands of new vehicles participating in traffic in Turkey. In this respect, the Eurasian Tube Crossing Project will make a serious breath for the traffic, Bu he said. Turkmen also invited his Korean friends to the opening of the tunnel.
It was learned that the passage of the vehicle in the tunnel will take 10 minutes and 4 will be paid in dollars.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:35

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