Train Injury (Video)

Aydında Train Wreck: Person crossing the level crossing with his bicycle, he was injured by a passenger train. Person, who was trying to cross his bicycle on level crossing in Ýncirliova district, was injured by a passenger train collision.

Hasan Balcı (45), who wanted to cross the bike through the level crossing at the Atatürk Mahallesi location, hit the passenger train number 32394, which made the Denizli-Söke expedition under the direction of Osman A.

Balcı, who fell from his bike and hit his head on the concrete floor with the impact of the collision, was treated at Aydın State Hospital. It was learned that Balcı's health was good.

Barrier response

On the other hand, Ataturk Neighborhood Headman Mukadder Yüksel, who came to the scene after the accident, claimed that they made many petitions to the TCDD Izmir Regional Directorate for the construction of a barrier at the level crossing and said, “There is always an accident due to the lack of a barrier. This place has become a bed of death for citizens. We expect the authorities to solve the problem by building a barrier as soon as possible. ”



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