ASELSAN is 39 Years Old: ASELSAN, the largest organization of the Turkish Defense Industry, visited Anıtkabir with its 39 employees on its 4th anniversary.

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Hasan CANPOLAT, together with the managers and employees, paid a minute of silence at Anıtkabir. Canpolat, the Chairman of the Board of Directors who laid a wreath on Atatürk's mausoleum, signed the Anıtkabir special notebook after a minute of silence.

Dr. Hasan Canpolat wrote in the book:
Iz Great Leader Atatürk, ASELSAN Family, which is the pride of our nation, once again enjoy the excitement of celebrating the 39 anniversary of our establishment. In our country, we continue to work with great determination and diligence in order to fulfill the promise we have made in previous years in order to reach the most advanced level in the establishment of national defense industry and technology.

between the defense industry organizations in maintaining our leading position in Turkey, we are one of the better level each year in the world. As ASELSAN Family, we are grateful to you and we respect you with respect. Let your soul be shad. Ruh

Turkey's defense giant

ASELSAN, Military Communication Systems, Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems, Electro-Optic Systems, Navigation and Avionics Systems, Defense and Weapon Systems, Command-Control-Communication-Computer-Intelligence-Discovery and Surveillance (C4ISR) Systems, Naval Combat Systems, Professional Communication Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems design, development, manufacturing, system integration, modernization and after-sales services are serving as a technology center.

TSK's Technology Base

ASELSAN is the most important national resource for the Turkish Armed Forces, and it works for all areas where there is a critical and strategic need for electronics, such as national trains and domestic cars. ASELSAN, including the USA, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and South Korea, exports directly to the country as well as exports of its products including technology transfer and joint production activities.

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