Antalya will pay the tram installment installment installment

Antalya will pay the tram debt in installments: The 2015 draft budget of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality was accepted in the additional session of the Metropolitan Council in November. The biggest share in the budget, the realization target of which was 90 percent, was allocated to investments. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel said that in 2015, they will pay 200 million lira of the debts from the previous period and they will start the investment storm.

The draft budget of 2015 of the Metropolitan Municipality was accepted as 875 million lira. Providing information about the budget President Menderes Türel, feet on the ground, the rate of realization of the budget 90'dan said that they are preparing a draft budget. Türel said, “We have foreseen to prepare a budget that will be completed with 60, not 90, as of this year. Draft budgets are drafts on the name. Their realization rate will be taken into account in the final budget accounts when the end of the year and the final accounts will be seen. We are preparing a budget for the feet. A budget to really apply. Not on paper, Kağıt he said.


Türel said that they have prepared a budget with the intention of realizing it in effect: şöyle This budget will be completed with a share of 90 at the end of next year. I would like to inform you what will happen by comparing the budget with the previous year. I would like to draw your attention to staff expenses, especially in the budget expenditures. Personnel expenses have taken a share of approximately 2014 in the 15 budget and the draft budget has been allocated with a share of 131 million 473 thousand TL. This year, the figure was equivalent to last year with a share of 16 within the budget. 137 million 287 thousand TL personnel expense was included. 5 is 131 while 19 is million, while 137 is million for XNUMX. This is an indication of how to save personnel costs. Bu

Türel also gave the following information about the budget allocated by the municipality for the agency workers: yüzde The permanent staff budget of the municipality is allocated as 16, but we also have a budget for outsourcing. In 2014, subcontractor expense was 5 million 201 for 240 county boundaries, so 200 was above trillion. Today, the budget for the subcontractor has fallen to 141 million, which is at the 19 district, although the coastline of 40 640 kilometers to 2014 kilometers. In the past, how to use the resources, and today will give a sufficient idea of ​​how to use. In 22, while the ratio of our service subcontractor expenses in the budget was 16, it was reduced to XNUMX despite the increasing service area. At this point, it is in your discretion to what extent financial management is tried to be successful. Bu


In the last period of the Metropolitan Municipality spent on surplus staff of the money spent 470 million pounds said that Türel ihtiyaç We have paid for the staff we do not need. With this money we were rebuilt in Antalya. It is said that we spent on employment. If we used to invest him for investment, employment would be in him. Perhaps 20 would provide employment to a thousand people. Now we're gonna make it. We're going to keep our investment budget strong. employment is in investment. In this way, we will provide a service that will provide the best in terms of the State of Independence en.


Stating that the most curious item in the draft budgets is the investment budget, President Türel said: Başkan Last year, the investment budget of 183 million was foreseen. This percentage evolves into a share of 20. This year the investment budget of 316 million was allocated. Of course, this year is not completed due to the budget is difficult to estimate. The total investment according to the exact calculation of the 2013 year is 55 million. 55 is a municipality that has made an investment in million 316 today speaks of an investment of millions. Indeed, in the case of service providers, it is the best indicator of how important investments will be made with future investments. 315 million TL has been detailed in the 2015 budget with individual projects. We have fully demonstrated what we will invest in the 2015 budget. N

Referring to the investments to be made in rural areas, Türel told that they invested a total of 20 million pounds including KÖYDES in all villages of Antalya in recent years, and they now spend this figure on the machine park which will be used only for service. President Türel said, hizmet In 2013, 10 was serving the village with the special budget 539 million. Not included in this figure. Of course it came from the KÖYDES'dan too. 20 million TL in total. The Provincial Council was really important, as far as removing rabbits from the hat, İl he said.


In the 2015 budget, President Menderes Türel emphasized that the share allocated for rural services is 100 million liras. “We almost manage to allocate a budget of 5 as a rural service budget to villages. Don't get it wrong, we're gonna spend it. In fact, this is the first step. The 2014 budget requires the development of the machine park, if we are to take such a serious investment attack. From the 2014 budget, we currently purchase the 20 millions of construction equipment as the Metropolitan Municipality. These will be used in road services. In the past, only the 20 million pounds spent for water and road, today we are spending as the Metropolitan Municipality only to the machine park. These are an indicator of how efficiently our financial resources are used with our management. Bunlar


Türel, who drew attention to the hospitality expenses of last year and the draft budget this year, said: N In the draft budget for the year of 2014, 30 million liras is devoted to hospitality and the realization rate is close to one hundred percent. While the realization rates of other budget items are at 50, the realization rate is 100%. The budget allocated to hospitality represented in the 2015 budget is only 5 million TL. The representation budget has a share of only 1 per thousand. It is noteworthy how important the principle of saving is. Kadar


Recalling that they took over the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with a debt over a total of 2 billion, Türel said X There is a debt issue. The amount of debt to be paid by the Antalya metropolitan municipality to 2019 except for ASAT 887 million pounds. This is the amount of debt that we will pay in only five years, and it is not included in the interest rate. This is the expression that we did not present to the citizens without making debt literature. Of course we have been willing to know these debts. Instead of saying 'we have no debt, we cannot do the service, we will offer both the obligation to pay the debt and to invest in the best way. This year, the amount of debt we will pay in 2015 with the interest rate 200 million pounds. 46 million pounds will be paid as interest expenditure. The remainder will be deducted from the main debt amount of 887 million. 2019 will pay 200 million liras with interest every year until the year. The part of this debt with the term of 28 is related to the rail system. The amount of debt we will pay for the rail system is 887 million liras in the total amount of 5 annual debt of 150 million pounds. The rest of the rest is the debt of the management period. What Mr. Bekir Kumbul is not from the period of Mr. Hasan Subasi. 700 million pounds last year, we will pay the debt of the municipality.

Saying that they will continue to invest in Antalya while paying a debt, Türel said: m We will not stop to invest in Antalya. No need to talk about the amount of debt. When it comes to office, I mentioned that it is a debt of around 2 quadrillion with the money of ASAT for public interest. This includes a small section of the rail system to be paid in 28 per year. Remaining as the last period of municipal debt is emerging. Geçen


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