Stage in Ankara Asphalt Money Cankaya Municipality

Scene in Ankara Asphalt Money Çankaya Municipality's: Asphalt Money Participation Share ”, after the receipt shock sent by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to the houses, the surprise of Çankaya Municipality is now being discussed.
In the past weeks, the asphalt money bill was issued to citizens across Ankara, and the billions were criticized by citizens intensely. The issue was brought to the agenda of the Parliament by the CHP deputies. News about an invoice of 4 thousand 500 TL received by a citizen told Ankara, "He probably bought the road." comments had arrived.
The subject did not appear in the media for a long time, and thanks to Haber Ankara's persistent reporting, other media organs had to report this.
The statements of a citizen who reached Ankara in the news revealed that there was another shock about the asphalt money. This time, the actor in the asphalt money was Çankaya Municipality.
The citizen, who reached the news in Ankara, described his adventures for asphalt money as follows:
“An asphalt bill of approximately 3 thousand 200 TL was received from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. I was extremely angry about this situation. I prepared a petition of objection and submitted it to the Municipality. Now I will sue the Tax Court. Municipal officials stated that while calculations were made, a high bill was issued because the current value of my house was high. I do not understand what the price of my house has to do with the asphalt money. If 3 meters of asphalt is laid, you will get 3 meters of asphalt money. To whom and what my house is worth. Maybe the price of my house is high but my situation is going bad. Does such a stupid thing happen? "
"Before the Metropolitan Municipality's shock was over, another shock came from Çankaya Municipality." The citizen told the incident as follows:
“I went to Çankaya Municipality to pay real estate tax the other day. We also saw that the deed was annotated. I was shocked when I asked why. I have asphalt debt to Çankaya Municipality. Blood splashed in my brain. Metropolitan took out a loan; and also Çankaya. What are we going to get along with? Let's give the key if they want. They annotated my deed without even giving information. Soon I am waiting for asphalt money from the headman of the neighborhood. If he does not send it, I will remember. Let's work day and night and give it to the asphalt. Believe me, my hand trembles even while telling.

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