Why the overpass is made when there is a subway

The overpass is underway when there is a underpass: D-100 highway is overpassed at Hereke junction. But what's interesting is that there's an underpass in the area for years.
MHP Kocaeli deputy Lütfü Türkkan D-100 highway has begun to be built at the intersection of the Hereke passed the passage to the agenda of the Assembly. The Turkish Minister of Interior asked the Minister to answer the question and asked, geç Do you believe that the citizens will use the overpass when there is a underpass? İç.
There is an overpass on Hereke's entrance. What makes the overpass interesting to this region is that there is an underpass used in the same area for years. Citizens can easily use this subway. While this is not the case, the MHP Kocaeli Deputy Lütfü Türkkan asked the Interior Minister to make an overpass. Türkkan asked the Minister of the Interior to ask why the overpass is underpass, and he wanted to know the company that made the overpass. Turkkan also Efkan Ala'ya 'Do you think the upper passage will be used when there is an underpass?' he asked.
Türkkan's response to the following questions;
1-D-100 highway What is the reason for building a pedestrian overpass at the entrance to the Hereke junction?
2- What is the overpass when there is an underpass at the same point?
3- Is this overpass made by a private company? If it is a private company, has it won overpass?
4-How much money will be paid from the state budget for this overpass?
5-Do you believe that when there is an underpass after the overpass is completed, citizens will pass dozens of stairs by using the overpass?
6 Turkey and the underpass to other locations located across Kocaeli underpass is there going to be?

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