German Mechinists Will Go Again To Re-Warning Strike

German Mechinists Go for a Re-Warning Strike: German Machinery Association GDL says they will go on strike again. However, the union did not report the date for the strike.

GDL is expected to report the strike date at least 1 day in advance, as before. In the collective bargaining negotiations with the German Railways (Deutsche Bahn), the machinists who could not get what they wanted, went on a warning strike 5 times before. The strike 2 weeks ago lasted 50 hours. It is estimated that the German Machinery Union, GDL, will go on a longer strike this time. Besides the close and distant passenger transportation, the freight transportation is expected to be affected by the strike.

The German Mechinists Union, 37 wants to raise a thousand percent of 5 for close to a thousand machinists and railway employees. GDL also wants 2 hours to be reduced and 37 hours of weekly working hours to be reduced and rearranged.



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