Railway workers marched against privatization in Adana

📩 30/11/2018 18:12

In Adana, railway workers marched against privatization: The Gaziantep branch of the 5-lane march to Ankara against the privatization practices of railways reached Adana.

The Gazi Antep branch of the Ankara march, which was initiated by the United Transport Workers Union against the privatization of the railways, from 5 branches reached Adana today. After reaching Adana, the workers made a representative march on the rails and made a press statement with the workers who welcomed them.

In the press release read by BTS General Education and Organization Secretary İshak Kocabıyık on behalf of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS), the following was stated:

“Today we railroaders hit the road once again.

Balikesir, Istanbul (HalkalıOur march 17, which started today (24 in November) from Van, Antep and Zonguldak Stations, will end in front of TCDD General Directorate in Ankara in November.

Rail service on the commercialization subtracting from being public services, transportation right to the commodification of the money and that this service is more expensive than a way to exploit cheap and plans to open the front of precarious labor utilization "Turkey brought to about bill the General Assembly Liberalization of Railway Transport and the bill despite the struggle by our union After its acceptance by the Parliament, it was published in the Official Gazette on 1 May 2013 and entered into force.

With the steps taken under the name of the restructuring of the railways that started after the 1990s, the institutional functioning of the railways of 158 years has been put aside, and the TCDD management has put aside merit, career, service, success etc. We are being biased, leaving aside measures such as political staffing, and incompetent appointments are made to cadres who require knowledge, knowledge and experience through political support.

With the arrangements made for the retirement of the personnel, hundreds of employees have recently retired, while the number of employees from 1995 has been reduced by% 35. As a result of this decrease in the number of employees, subcontracting in the production of railway services has been rapidly spreading and a flexible and irregular working life has been put in front of us.

In this process, the operational security of railways lost its credibility and nevertheless there were major accidents with deaths. In the mines, construction industry, shipyards, industrial sites and factories, the work accidents were turned into mass casualties.

In our interviews and meetings with TCDD managers after the enactment of the Railway Law, which aims to liquidate TCDD and destroy the vested rights of employees, we stated our concerns about the future of the personnel and our questions about whether any action will be taken without the employees' request, while it was stated that there was no work on this issue and that nothing would happen to anyone. Contrary to the statements of the TCDD administration, some workplaces were closed, some were merged, and some of the staff were appointed against their will. Finally; Under the name of optimization, the location of 519 employees was changed against their will, while some workplaces were merged and closed.

TCDD management, which takes power from the political power, has been carrying out practices in order to remove our acquired rights one by one.

The wrong and biased policies implemented by the TCDD management, which is the reason why the railways come to this point, are causing us to suffer, and we live injustice. And if we do not stop these applications will continue.

On the other hand;

The 2015 budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, where our union is organized, is currently being discussed at the Parliament. The budget being negotiated closely affects the citizens receiving service in the field of transportation and us public workers who work in these institutions.

Budgets include a variety of decisions such as how and from whom the resources of the political authorities are collected, and how these resources will be spent.

In a statement made recently by Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek; In the new period, the state will be withdrawn from many areas and will be more efficient, more efficient will be transferred to the private sector said, while in the short-term power plants, motorways and bridges, some ports and olympic facilities and many institutions were thought to be privatized.

During the past 12 years, if the country has a profitable economic organization, the capital has been commercialized, basic commercial services have been largely commercialized, paid and unqualified.

For this reason, in the light of all these facts, we have taken this decision under the name of "We Are Walking Against Privatization Practices of Railways" in order to create public opinion about the negative conditions we are in, inform the society and show our reaction, and today, as a branch of the march that started on the railways, we are starting. "

After the press release supported by the representatives of various trade unions and associations as well as Adana Demirspor supporters, the railway workers once again walked on the rails for a while and then put an end to their protests to set out for Konya.

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