Interesting defense against water infiltration in Marmaray by EU Minister

Interesting defense of water infiltration in Marmaray by EU Minister: EU Minister Volkan Bozkır, who attended the 5th Ordinary Congress of Eyüp, first criticized the opposition for its weakness and then reacted to the critics of the government's actions. Bozkır, to the criticism of Marmaray leaking water, "You go under the water, let the water drip on your head." answered in the form.

The 5th Ordinary Congress of AKP Eyüp was held at Eyüp Wedding Palace with the participation of the Minister of European Union and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkır, Istanbul Metropolitan President Kadir Topbaş, Deputy Chairman of the TBMM Group Mustafa Elitaş, Provincial President Aziz Babuşcu, Istanbul Deputies and members of the organization. Participating in the program, AKP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Aziz Babuşçu said, “We faced many difficulties together. We were faced with the terrorist practices and manipulative manipulations of the ceberrut front that came together in opposition to the AK Party. But each time we knew that our leader should walk decisively under the leadership of our President. " He explained that the Presidency could not break with the party supporters and was the leader in polarizing the society.

In his speech, Babuşçu emphasized the importance of the 2015 elections and stated that the organization of the parallel organization was deeply wounded by reinforcing the organization's betrayal of betrayal.

Reaction to Volkan Bozkır's warnings about Marmaray leaking water

Steppe, saying that the opposition is weak, he said that it was Turkey's handicap. On the other hand, it was harsh on those who criticized the government. For the warnings about Marmaray leaking water, they say “Water is dripping. Either drop it per water. 2 million people pass underground, sir 'if water drips or floods'. No such words. " he criticized.



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