Pamukova Train Crash Resolution: 41 4 Person 2 Month Criminal

Pamukova train accident in the decision: Sakarya Pamukova District of 22 July 2004 date occurring in 41 people were killed, 89 people in the accelerated train accident lawsuits were injured, decided to disrupt the Supreme Court then decided xnumx'ünc times.

Court machinist Recep Sönmez 1 years 15 152 days in prison and a fine of £ pounds, Fikret Karabulut 3 years 1.5 1500 months' imprisonment and a fine of £. Penalties were postponed.

Train accident xnumx'inc decision announced on 1 February 2008 in the lawsuits filed by the engineer Fikret Karabulut 1 years in prison with 2.5 TL fine, xnumx'nc Mechanic Recep Sönmez 1100 years was given 2 pounds fine with 1 months in prison.

Train chief Köksal Coşkun was acquitted. The Court of Appeals overturned the decision on 23 on July 2009 to determine the lack of notification. The local court would eliminate the shortcomings. 2 Office of the Court of Cassation 2011 reviewing the file again in September 1'in second mechanic Fikret Karabulut and second mechanic Recep Sönmez made a disastrous decision about the decision.

Supreme Court 2. Criminal Chamber of the decision, negligence and carelessness to cause accidents on train conductor who has been acquitted in the trial of criminal charges railroad's Koksal Coskun when asked about the reduction due to timeout.

Supreme court, the defendants represented by the same lawyers to represent the names of the participants represented by the lawyer, who are not directly damaged by the TCDD General Directorate of the defendants can not participate in the public trial against the defendants by informing the defendant about the type and duration of punishment given by the defendant Recep Sönmez asked for a review of the court in Sakarya.

3 on the 7 case for the 2012 On February 7.5, the court decided to reduce the 12 annual time-out period after the opening of the public trial. Those who lost their relatives in the accident appealed the decision. The Court of Cassation XNUMX examining the appeal application. The Penal Chamber unanimously overturned the time-out decision of the local court.

The court explained that after the qualification has been made, the case must be determined whether the time-out has occurred. The case was reopened in Sakarya on 17 June 2014.

The court ruled 4 for the third time in the case where machinists Recep Sönmez, Fikret Karabulut and train chief Köksal Coşkun did not participate. Accordingly machinist Recep Sonmez 1 years 15 152 days in prison and a fine of £ Fikret Karabulut 3 years 1.5 1500 per month was sentenced to imprisonment and fines. These penalties of the machinists were also postponed.
Lawyer İsmail Güreses, the lawyer of the mechanics, stated that 8 was a defect of TCDD in 4 with the expert report and demanded the prosecution of TCDD officials. The court did not comment on this request. Lawyer Ismail Gurses said that this decision of the court was not communicated to them.

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