3. Highway National Congress

  1. Highway National Congress: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Elvan said: “No investment is as precious as human life. For us, keeping people alive is of primary importance. ”
    Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that no investment is as valuable as human life, and it is of primary importance to keep people alive.
    At the opening of the 3rd Highway National Congress, Minister Elvan stated that, unlike the others, a photography contest was organized taking into account the visual and artistic aspects of the business.
    Second World War after striking gains of road mainly transport policy in the world Elven, said: "Turkey has applied mainly transport policies of the highway with the world simultaneously, this trend continued until the early 2000s," he said.
    railways in Turkey, the sea, the airways are neglected, stating that all the resources transferred to the road construction consists of a perception as Elven, "It is true that in the middle of an omission. However, this negligence also covers highways. Sadly, it must be said that, until 2000s, unfortunately, the highway was not given sufficient importance contrary to the current perception. Our highways, which are constructed with scarce means and thousands of labor, have become difficult to meet the economic, commercial and social needs of the country. It is a fact that the situation of other modes of transportation was 'deplorable' at that time. However, the condition of the highways of Turkey's potential when viewed as another fact that social and economic indicators are not encouraging, "he said.
    “We started by preparing the Transport Master Plan Strategy”
    Considering these determinations and evaluations, Elvan stated that they have started by preparing the Transport Master Plan Strategy and noted that the same value is given to railways, seaways, airlines, IT and highways.
    Emphasizing that no investment is as precious as human life, Elvan said that it is important to keep people alive.
    "We need to fire the traffic monster, which is fed and grown by excessive speed disease, alcohol, carelessness, and fatigue, as an individual, and then we must set off," said Elvan. .
    He said that they took all kinds of measures due to the winter season and wanted the drivers to be more careful.
    Elvan stated that the targets of 2023 will be realized with all stakeholders, said:
    “Increasing the length of the divided road, which is 8 thousand kilometers of motorways to 37 thousand kilometers, by making additional BSK of 57 thousand kilometers, turning the entire road network into BSK asphalt. Connecting the Black Sea region to the Southeastern and Mediterranean regions by high-standard highways, reducing the number of accidents due to road defects caused by insufficient standards by a minimum of 50 percent and decreasing the number of deaths per 100 million vehicle-kilometers in traffic accidents.
    Establishing a road academy that will meet the needs of the road sector in order to increase traffic safety, quality of infrastructure and superstructure standards and improve human capacity, accelerate the liberalization process in international freight and passenger transportation and increase the number of free countries from 24 to 40.
    Increasing the number of trips to 3 million by increasing the number of trips in the field of international goods transportation by road, ensuring widespread use of waste materials, industrial by-products and recycled materials in road construction. the extent to which vital importance for Turkey of meat that business owners achieve these goals, you know very well. Therefore, the results that will come out of the congress gain importance once again. ”
    “Transportation investments are investments that arise on demand”
    General Directorate of Highways Cahit Turhan also stated that transportation investments are the investments that come with the demand and said, "Our goal is to reach the higher capacity and standards of the road network we have implemented to meet the demands of the citizens at the highest level."
    Mr. Turhan explained that road transport is the access to education and health services without disregarding the benefits of balanced development in the industry, trade and service sector, strengthening the local markets as economic markets and carrying natural resources and agricultural products to the markets.
    After the speeches, awards were given to the winners of the 3st Photo Contest on “Our Intercity Roads” organized within the scope of the 1rd Highway National Congress organized by KGM and Yollar Turkish National Committee.


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