3. If we don't do the airport, we can't fly anywhere

  1. If we do not construct the airport, we will not be able to fly anywhere: Ebru Özdemir said, 'If the 3rd airport is not finished by the end of 2017, we will be unable to fly anywhere. waiting for this project. If this airport does not end by the end of 2017, we will be unable to fly anywhere. For this, we continue our work at full speed. The ground survey should be completed this year, it will be completed within a few months ”. Regarding the allegations about the airport, Özdemir said, “Will we not be able to build an airport ashore during the period when an island is built. "I find these things biased," he said.
    Ebru Özdemir answered the questions after the opening meeting of the Limak Institute, which was put into service within Pristina University to train qualified personnel for Pristina Adem Jashari Airport operated by Limak. Stating that they are responsible for all engineering processes of the 3rd airport as Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group (OGG), who won the tender, Özdemir said, “We make all the designs according to the number of passengers given to us. We are doing the best design because we will operate for 25 years. The place will not change, the minister explained, ”he said. Özdemir said, “I think that all of these are rumors. We work with NATTS, which makes London Heathrow's traffic control systems. There are 4 airports in London, how do they work together, how do the planes not touch each other? These are all account books, discussions ”he said. Ebru Özdemir, who made a self-criticism with the words “Maybe we could not explain ourselves enough”, said “The whole world is waiting for this airport. A port is needed for giant planes to land. this is a very critical investments to grow Istanbul and Turkey. 77 million square meters of land was only found here and it was decided here ”.
    'Runway on the sea in Hong Kong, discussion biased'
    Özdemir stated that a ground in the region would need improvement, said: “This is not the only place in the world to be improved. Think of Dubai and make islands on the sea. Civil engineering is now very advanced. We will ultimately heal the ground with a method. Hong Kong Airport was on the sea. Runway on the sea. I find these discussions a little biased. This is the place given to us in the tender. We will fill it with materials according to the ground studies. Üt
    Özdemir also asked the questions about whether there is enough opportunity to examine the ground before the tender. Here, the amount of investment, income, how many passengers will put a feasibility. Of course there may be deviations. In Sabiha Gokcen, we have spent more than 40 million euros. The risk here is our Bur repayment.
    No Treasury Guarantee
    Explaining that they have started financing negotiations, Özdemir stated that a consortium of public and domestic banks would be formed and that the debt guarantee was not the subject of Treasury guarantee. If the debt undertaking contract is terminated due to the reasons of the companies winning the contract or the administration, it will regulate what will happen. Ozdemir, the giant projects at a time when it becomes difficult to find the question of how the negotiations are going nasıl This funding will be on the basis of the euro, so both interest rates are very low and there is a very serious interest. Europe is currently in the mode of 'I wish I had made such investments, but in growth'. We don't see any trouble here. But I think the interest in the dollar will rise very fast. Garanti, with Yapı Kredi and İş Bankası, see, but it has not been fully clarified Garanti.
    The system that prevents birds, is being moved to the flora
    Özdemir emphasized that environmental impact assessment studies were carried out according to Ecuador's principles and that foreign creditors were accepted by the company. . The reason we prepare this report is to keep the negative impact on the environment to a minimum. I recently went to Delhi Airport. Every side was full of birds. Tame birds. There are sound systems to block birds. This is not the first airport in the world to face such difficulties, ged Özdemir said.
    In the tender specifications, Ebru Özdemir stated that the statement karar All scheduled flights are made from the new airport in, said that the transition from Atatürk Airport will be overnight or will be progressed one year before the opening of the new airport. Mr. Limak Investment Chairman of the Board of Directors stated that they were employed in Atatürk Airport and around 30, and added that the owners of the shopkeepers were protected by commercial rights, and that they could employ qualified employees in the fields such as ground handling services and cargo.
    Established institute for skilled workers in Kosovo
    Limak operates Pristina, the largest 3 airport among the countries leaving Yugoslavia. The company has undertaken a social responsibility project to meet the needs of qualified personnel and established a Limak Institute within the University of Pristina with the support of Boğaziçi University. Internship opportunities will be provided for the students studying here. Ebru Özdemir said that there are employees in 640 in Pristina but they want to work with the real port operators who learn the job while they are rejuvenating. Rector of Boğaziçi University Dr. Gülay Barbarosoğlu said, olabil It was a project that could be a model for industry-university cooperation. We are realizing such a project abroad for the first time as Boğaziçi ilk. Limak Kosovo International Airport CEO Haldun Firat Kokturk said the young people in the country were afraid to participate in the program by saying m they don't get us. ”They said that they tried to break this prejudice. Project consultant Aylin Löle said that youth unemployment is in 50s in Kosovo and that there is a great interest in education.
    New investments in Ivory Coast and Kuwait
    Limak today is a group of companies whose assets reach 7 billion dollars. The Group recently came up with the sale of its shares at Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Ebru Ozdemir, the Malaysian partners in the sale of shares in the permit process is ongoing, he said. Following the change of the owner of the airport, but the public administration can change the name of Ozdemir, 3'inci said the name of the airport will also determine the name. Özdemir answered the questions about the rationale for the sale of shares by explaining the new investment plans: yanıt We expect the completion of the Sabiha Gökçen until the end of the year. 3 times have paid 76 million euro rent. The value of the airport in Malaysians was 700 million euro, but still owed 1.7 billion euro rent that should be paid. With the revenue we get from here, we will get funds for the new investment of 1.1 billion dollars when you consider the leverage effect. We are business developers. When we create value, we realize it and look at the new ones. We need to diversify our energy production. We will also concentrate on the 3 airport. We're doing the second runway in Cairo. We have made the best offer in 4.7 billion dollars in the airport tender in Kuwait. Tes Özdemir stated that they will open to Africa in the cement sector, which is another sector in which they focus, and that they will establish a production facility for 50 million dollars in Côte d'Ivoire and look for investment in Mozambique.

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