Deputy Arslan BTK clarified the criticism about the railway project

Deputy Arslan BTK clarified the criticism of the railway project: AK Party deputy Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan in the commission, Baku, Tbilisi, Kars Railway Project, clarified criticism of the press organs.

Arslan stated that the news were the policies of wearing down wrong statements among the right things to wear down the Government and successful projects.

AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport in the Plan and Budget Commission for the people of Kars by the Ministry of Transportation, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Project continues at full speed, and there is a second supply tender is not in question, he said.

Arslan stated that he is a former member of the Ministry of Transport. At With some news in the media, policies of wearing out the Government and successful projects to wear out the right sentences and putting the wrong sentences are followed. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project continues as planned before. The tender for the Implementation Project of the Logistics Center was held Uygulama.

Stating that the works of the Kars-Iğdır-Nahçıvan Railway Project continue, Arslan said, “These are a horizon, these are the result of a planning. So I'm grateful for this. You have determined 16 centers related to Intelligent Transportation Systems. Kars is also among them. Kars was the city that was forgotten in the past, it is serhad anyway, it is waiting for the border anyway, but today it is not. While planning today, every part of this country is taken into account, each one's access and transportation with each other is taken into account. If there is a lot of travel somewhere, it is not only invested there. Investments are made in Kars so that the number of passengers is increased. You also need to look in reverse. You make the North - South corridors. Within the scope of this corridor, tender preparation for the Kars -Digor-Tuzluca divided road is being made. A project is prepared about Kağızman - Tuzluca divided road work from horasan. So it can be said: "There is no traffic there, why are you doing it?" I'm saying it again, it's done as part of the big photo. While the biggest photograph is being considered, it is taken into account not only from Edirne to Kars but also from Europe to Central Asia. ”

Arslan pointed out that an emergency runway will be built at the Kars airport. Çeken As in many other cities, Kars has decided to build an emergency runway near a very modern Airport Terminal as well as the existing runway.

While the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project is being imagined, Arslan says bir Because I am in Kars, esi he says. Then I came back. We continued the discussion of the project and the project started at 2008. What happened after the project started? The 1.300 tunnel on the Georgian side has reached the 8 kilometer. If you are making an international project, you have to comply with your partners' decision. Why is that? Because Georgia was on the right side, all countries were trying to make this project. As such, Georgia made a different decision every day. Of course, if you are partners, you will. 6 tunnels close to the kilometer, not enough, you can say, X What does it have to do? 'Protection boards have added an additional tunnel of 2-2,5 kilometers to the ruins of a castle in Kars. You cannot say iniz No, I do not enforce the decision of the protection board. “ Sir, there were bruises, drifts and slopes in many places. If you are doing railroad project in a high altitude location like Kars, you have to make it healthy. Turned on-off, the 12 kilometer opened-shut tunnel. This project, the infrastructure is double but the superstructure is a single line. Then, Kazakhstan said, hale I'll give this project a million tons of 10 per year. Sonra As such, the superstructure was decided to be a pair, which in itself was a change. Again, it was agreed that the station in the city and the approximately 3 km railway connected to it would be built as a separate tender. The project was also included in the procurement tender for the reasons I just mentioned. Thus, the tender was made. Unfortunately, we did not remove the Public Procurement Law, the Public Procurement Law had removed from the previous ones. Pol Let's go through the amendments to the Public Procurement Law. For years, I have an application: There is a question of low price inquiry. If the price is below the given total price, you will return to question the unit prices. Therefore, if the unit price is not appropriate, you prohibit that person or that company. But unfortunately, the total price you are over your total approximate price and return in detail "This price is low, this price is high." You can not say. As a matter of fact, an arrangement was made in 2013 in order to eliminate this. With this arrangement he was given the chance to look back. However, this tender is a tender in 2012, you have no chance to look back. As it is so, the Public Procurement Authority, "Total price goes over, the total price is lower than the price is lower than you have to give to the company," he said. Ha, some members put opposition. If it is true that the opinion of the people who put the annotation of the opinion of the Plan Budget Commission as the Plan Budget Committee, we should not send any draft law to the General Assembly, "he said.

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