The 32 Bend of the Başkale Road is History

32 bends of Başkale Road Becomes History: On the VAN-Hakkari Highway, the sharp 2 bends in Güzeldere Pass at 730 altitude are now history. The road, which is the nightmare of drivers, especially in winter, will shorten and become safer with the 32 million lira project prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has prepared a project for 80 bends, which are located on the 32th kilometer of the highway connecting Hakkari to Van and cause many fatal traffic accidents, especially in the winter months. Within the scope of the project, two 3-kilometer-long double-lane tunnels are being built on the Güzeldere Passage. While the work will start in June, with the completion of the project, the 22-kilometer difficult road will be reduced to 3 minutes with a 100-meter straight tunnel.
Highways officials stated that within the scope of the road works that will start from the borders of Hoşap neighborhood of Gürpınar and continue to Yeniköprü, located on the Hakkari border of Başkale district, a 3 kilometer distance will be built, including a 55-kilometer tunnel. The project, implemented by the Ministry with an investment of 400 million lira, is aimed to be completed in 3-4 years.
When the project is completed, drivers will have a safer way and travel time will be shortened. Authorities on this route is of intense vehicle traffic, fuel shortening the road, accidents, vehicle maintenance and will reduce the snow-fighting costs, while the exhaust gas emissions would be to decrease the environmental pollution will be reduced.
International heavy tonnage transport vehicles carrying loads such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and construction materials will have great comfort if the road, which is closed to transportation for 10-15 days a year and which is on steep cliffs, which spends especially in the winter months with constant snow and icing, is completed. Citizens have suffered for years on the same road and many mortals kazanStating that this happened, he said, “We have been suffering this torture for years. It's a late thing. There are many accidents on this road. We want the authorities to finish this road as soon as possible," he said.

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