In the Haydarpasa Station, the fire's 4. year

Fire Continues at Haydarpaşa Station
Fire Continues at Haydarpaşa Station

In the Haydarpasa Train Station 4. Year: Haydarpaşa Solidarity, the historical railway station in the 4 year after the fire that was asked to cancel the projects. The fourth anniversary of the fire 28 November evening Haydarpasa Train Station with torches to walk.

Society Haydarpaşa Solidarity for the City and the Environment organized a press conference on the Haydarpaşa Station in the branch of the Chamber of Architects in Karaköy.

Architect Mücella Yapıcı, Secretary of the Chamber of Architects of the Chamber of Architects Architect Mücella Yapıcı.

Law fire

In order to keep the Haydarpaşa Train Station as a garage, the solidarity components that convey the struggle since 2004, said that the investigation file concerning the fire on the roof of the Gar, a historical cultural entity, was closed four years ago and the fire of law started.

Chamber of Architects Metropolitan Branch President Yilmazturk, Haydarpasa Train Station struggle, trying to protect the right to life, he said. Yilmazturk, in the state of law should not be, all the values ​​have been destroyed in a process, he said.

Mithat Ercan, the head of the BTS 1 Branch, said, bize There is a fire in the railways, according to us, there is a terrible fire in the transport business. Toplantı Stating that the long-term struggle to prevent the fall of Haydarpaşa Train Station Ercan, said the railway station was closed, called for a common struggle.

'Gar'dan no nonsense'

Tugay Kartal, who spoke on behalf of Haydarpaşa Solidarity, said, lend The Haydarpaşa Train Station is not only a matter of rent but also a question of transportation.

"Haydarpasa Train Station can be provided without rail?" Question Eagle gave the following answer.

Yok You will either give up the Istanbul foot of the railway transportation, or you need a land of Haydarpaşa size and there is no such land in Istanbul. So without Haydarpasa Train Station there is no railway transportation.

Ecek Haydarpaşa cannot be entered from the roof. The money in the box of the thieves' shoes will not come from the Haydarpasa Train Station. Hır

'Repair according to original'

Architect Mucella Yapici, Secretary of the Chamber of Architects of the EIA Advisory Board, made a presentation at the meeting about 10's annual combat experiences, court proceedings, which were initiated to protect Haydarpasa Train Station.

Lüy We are much stronger than before and are more determined by our solidarity with our resisting people in every area of ​​our city that is plundered and we will extinguish this fire.

Ay The first step of your project that will transfer the Haydarpaşa Station to the capital and 1. In the Haydarpasa Train Station, which is a historical work of art, you should immediately abandon your use of the roof which endangers the integrity of the roof, which should not be applied in scientific, technical and legal terms.

Solidarity with the slogan "Haydarpaşa guard, the station will remain" at 28 on 19.00 November Kadıköy He made a call for participation in the torch to Haydarpaşa from İskele Square.

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