3. Why did the airport construction not start

  1. Why the airport construction did not start: These details about the 3rd airport project to be made in Istanbul are being written for the first time. "Will the location of the 3rd airport change?" Asking Altaylı explained the enormous cost of building an airport to the area, which turned out to be unsuitable in terms of ground and regional conditions, with striking figures.
    Here are the figures and text that Altaylı explained based on an old news source.

Will the location of the 3 airport change?
In the title of. Was it real, was it a dream? Yaz he wrote with the title of 'What is happening at this airport? Dün and asked an old friend from Ankara.
In the past, this “old resource”, which gave very important information about DHMI, told again interesting things.
My brain came back when I started to sort numbers one after another in the morning.
I had to say, "E-mail them."
"New Turkey" the pervasive fear that everyone should have cowed him in, "I'm throwing Mail. Just in case. I'll send you a message. Come from a trick you don't know, don't be surprised. I can't make it on my own phone, Kendi he said.
I had the data in 15 minutes.
At the heart of the event, my source provides information on the construction of the 3 airport:
I 3 airport, runways and terminal area; Without any work, DHMİ was awarded without geological studies.
Those who took the tender jumped on this issue without asking any questions and making any investigations.
They've just begun to encounter new challenges now, and I'm very clear that they're not willing to do the job.
In fact, they have nothing more than the difficulty, I think they will see after that, and they think they are, because they are all contractors.
They've just come up with a completely sloped floor, and 1 will fill a billion cubic meters of this floor.
In fact the amount of fill was billion cubic meters of 1.8.
The 30 by pulling the jeans down the 800 meter gave an advantage to the million cubic meters, but still a terrible high amount at 1 billion cubic meters.
40 million cubic meters of excavations and fillings per month need to do that, 2 year and the construction of the earth only to finish the concrete work can begin.
For example, in order to understand the size of the quantity, the total amount of fill in the Atatürk Dam is 84.3 million cubic meters.
So every 2 once a month, they need to do the Ataturk Dam.
These companies experienced companies, they even saw it, and even began to lobby for the location of the airport.
In fact, this contractor group has not received an airport, but a huge, even tremendous excavation tender. They will receive credit from state banks.
1.5 cuts the tree close to millions, carries them if they can carry so much, then they leave the job and credit debt to the state.
There are more strange things. For example, the General Director of DHMI, the groundbreaking ceremony was done, but I wonder if the place has been delivered?
Are the lending periods expired?
Has DHMI born the right to terminate the contract?
If there is a babayiğit in DHMİ, who can terminate this tender?
You said, "No construction." Is it construction without the project? The problem is, is there any project approved by DHMI?
Is there a project drawn up to be certified?
Which firm is the supervisory organization of this large facility?
Has a controller been approved by the firm to check the quality of such a large project?
The cost of 30 meters will be transferred to the Treasury! We have been in this state for years. Who will make this account will be transferred to the Treasury Treasury!
The site was determined without wind tests. Wind measurements have been done for a while. If there was a show plan, according to that plan, the runways will get a side wind. Strong wind from the Black Sea.
And there's an airspace thing. Measure the distance of this airport to Bulgarian airspace. Airplanes will use Bulgarian airspace continuously. Approaches and waiting will always be in Bulgarian airspace. If the 100 million passengers will come here as they say, the money that the aircraft carrying them would pay to Bulgaria would make the Bulgarians rich. Bulgarians want very serious money from DHMI. Bulgar
This is the biggest project of the century.
Nobody should be surprised if it changes place soon.
It is actually a ”new tender O.
But "I do not know the new Turkey" Who wants it too.

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