In 2014/2 KPSS, candidates who will prefer TCDD should pay attention.

Candidates who will prefer TCDD in 2014/2 KPSS note: There is a misconception about the staff of TCDD in the 2014/2 KPSS Preference Guide.

The 2014 / 2KPSS Guidance Manual contains the TCDD 140 units.

In almost all of these positions, the health conditions specified in the TCDD Health and Psychotechnical Directive are required to be carried.

The directive is as follows:

“Height and body weight
ARTICLE 12- (1) For recruitment inspections;
a) Length of Length: The length of the workers can not be less than 1,55 meters.
b) Body Weight: Body Mass Index of those who will be recruited should be between 19-32. Body Mass Index is found by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. "

The noteworthy issue in the directive is the Body Mass Index. How to calculate this is also explained. According to this;
Body Mass Index = Weight / length2

75 weight, 1,80 size of the body mass index =
= 75 / 1,8 * 1,8
= 23,1

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As a note, we would like to state the following: 25 tallyman cadres in the guide were also announced in 2014/1 KPSS. However, as some of the candidates who preferred could not fulfill the health conditions specified in the directive, the positions remained vacant. 25 timekeepers are these vacancies.

For the full text of TCDD Health Directive, please click.

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