12 Billion of Lion Share Transportation Systems in IBB Budget

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Lion Share of Transportation Systems in the 12 Billion IMM Budget: The 2015 budget of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was 12 billion 250 million TL and passed by the İbb Council with the majority of votes.

5 billion TL has been allocated to the transportation system which constitutes the lion's share in the budget.

The 'time' crisis marked the highly controversial budget negotiations. After the CHP member Hakkı Sağlam exceeded the time allotted to him, MHP member Hüseyin Kırcalı requested that his time be given to the CHP member. However, this gesture of MHP member was not accepted by the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Ahmet Selamet.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's 2015 budget was accepted as 12 billion 250 million TL. The budget was adopted in the November session of the İbb Assembly, with 152 acceptance, 69 rejection and 2 invalid votes. 5 billion TL was allocated to the transportation system that constitutes the lion's share in the budget.


In the next year, we will focus on rail system investments in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. While 1.188.528.000 TL was allocated for rail systems on the Anatolian side, 832.591.000 TL was allocated for the European side.

An investment of 732.430.000 TL will be made for Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy Metro on the Anatolian side, 212.443.000 TL for Kartal-Kaynarca Metro and 400.000.000 TL for Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line on the European side.


Addressing the members of the City Council during the budget negotiations, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş explains the budget-related figures, while the budget of the Metropolitan Municipality is 12 billion 250 million liras. The share allocated for investment from our budget is around 7 billion 860 million liras. When we add ISKI and IETT budgets, it reaches 19 billion 712 million liras. When we included the turnover of companies, he said that Istanbul's budget reaches 31 billion 865 million.


Stating that they allocate the biggest share in the budget to transportation, Topbaş said, “There is a 44-kilometer rail system including trams, it has increased to 141 kilometers. He said that the constructions continue around 100 kilometers.


Stating that the share allocated to the environment constitutes 40 percent of the budget, Topbaş said, 'When I started working in Istanbul in 2004, the active green area was 32 million square meters. When we arrived in 2019, we said that we set the goal of reaching 110 million square meters.


Stating that the earthquake was a serious problem, Topbaş underlined that the urban transformation should not be translated into rantical transformation. Topbaş, 'They can try to come and put us under pressure. But we have to show sensitivities especially in this regard. On the one hand, while correcting, on the other hand, we need to reveal the things that are troubling in the future. He said that it should be ensured that the incident is not looked at through the eyes of rent, but through the eyes of life.


Following the speeches of Topbaş, CHP Assembly members took the floor. CHP Assembly member Tonguç Çoban criticized the 'Taksim Square Urban Design and Taksim Barracks Restitution Project' in the Strategic Plan covering the years 2015-2019 prepared by İbb. The shepherd said, 'It is necessary to give up this love. Gezi Park should remain as a park while it has become a common acceptance in a way that will bring back an event that has embedded in the memory of this country and its recent past with pain. To write to this report again today is troublesome, he said.

You might be screaming and waking up at night, 'What am I doing?'

Speaking after Tonguç, Hakkı Sağlam from CHP made harsh criticism to Topbaş. Scott said

'You have been managing Istanbul for 21 years. The plague of 11 years is over Topbaş. You have been in power for 21 years. How did you improve the situation that disrupts our people's lives with the traffic that enrages the human? Is there any development related to the small trades that ended as a result of the shopping center besiege?

Reminding that Istanbul's earthquake meeting areas were opened for construction, Sağlam said to Topbaş, 'You even made an earthquake rent gate. When you go to bed at night, you may be screaming and waking at night, "What am I doing, Kadir?" But, unfortunately, when you leave your house, when you see the magnificent shopping malls, you said, "How beautiful works we have made, how beautiful rent we have provided to our political fans."


After Saglam exceeded the 20 minutes allocated to him despite the warnings, the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Ahmet Selamet, repeatedly warned Saglam to complete his speech. Selamet, who cut off Sağlam's microphone, invited MHP member Hüseyin Kırcalı to speak on behalf of MHP. However, Kırcalı stated that he had transferred the time allocated to him to the CHP Council member Hakkı Sağlam. The gesture of the MHP member was welcomed by the CHP members. Selamet, the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly who did not accept this exit of the MHP member, said, 'I promise you. If you want, Hakkı Sağlam made the speech to be given by you.


Topbaş, who went to the podium to answer the criticism of the CHP members, said that he was sadly following the speeches and would not respond to the criticism. Topbaş, who criticizes CHP's Hakkı Sağlam anonymously, said, 'The two CHP members graciously criticized, and we got our notes. Unfortunately, this atmosphere has deteriorated. As a 42-year-old politician, I advise CHP, if he wants to be an alternative to power, he should leave this style behind.

Topbaş said, 'I wanted authority as my last period, Istanbulites also authorized me. So we did the right things. Because our success was supported, he completed it because they assigned us again.

Voting was started after the discussions. The budget of 12 billion 250 million TL was accepted with 152 acceptance, 69 rejection and 2 invalid votes.

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