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In the accident where 12 people died, the driver and the barrier officer were incompetent: In the report of the expert expert delegation about the accident where 12 people died as a result of the crash of the passenger train in MERSİN, the barrier officer Erhan Kılıç, 28, and the service driver, 30-year-old Fahri Kaya, were found to be defective.

After Fahri Kaya and Erhan Kılıç were arrested in connection with the level crossing in Adanalıoğlu District on 20 March, the prosecutor who conducted the investigation prepared his indictment. According to the first expert report included in the indictment, barrier officer Erhan Kılıç stated that 60 percent was defective, 30 percent of TCDD, service driver Fahri Kaya was 10 percent, and 15 years for the crime of killing and injuries against Kılıç and Kaya. The lawsuit was filed with the request of heavy prison terms.


The third hearing of the case held in Mersin 1st High Criminal Court was attended by relatives and lawyers of detained defendants and those who lost their lives. At the level crossing where the accident occurred at the hearing, the new discovery report prepared by expert experts including the court judge was read. The report emphasized that the detained defendants were 'essentially flawed'. It was also noted that TCDD, which was stated to be 30 percent defective in the indictment, had only compensation responsibility.

The lawyers of the relatives of the deceased who attended the hearing, stating that they did not accept the part that TCDD may be only responsible for compensation, said:

“Since it is understood that the wagons belonging to Reysaş company, which is located at the level of the gate at the level of the passage in the articles sent to the TCDD file, are kept on the sidelines within their own knowledge, we also believe that TCDD officers have negligence and defects. We request that criminal complaints be made about the responsible officers. Except for the minimum wage barrier officer, other officials should also be tried. In addition, highways and municipalities have responsibilities. ”


Stating that he was shocked with his expert report, barrier officer Erhan Kılıç said, “I do not accept the blame. The shuttle vehicle was very fast, the moment it entered the barrier, the accident occurred. He did not press the brake, did not look left or right, ”he defended himself.

Service driver Fahri Kaya's lawyer, Kadri Kutluay, said, “We objected to the report. We think that the client is not the original but the secondary is flawed. It would be better if the discovery was made by lining the wagons to the left while making the discovery. For these reasons, we do not accept the defect report. It was enough just to prevent the accident from being closed, ”he said.


The court, who decided to continue the detention of the defendants, was sent to the Ankara Traffic Specialization Office of the file, and the records of the accused Erhan Kılıç and Fahri Kaya were examined by examining the existing information documents and the footage of the scene, and how they were defective. decided to request a report. The hearing, in which the evacuation requests of both defendants were refused, was postponed.

12 PERSON died

62028 33 passenger 1104 XNUMX XNUMX license plate in the accident as a result of the collision of the minibus to the result of the Sinan Özpolat, Oguzhan Beyazit, Mine Serten, Onur Adli, Ayhan Akkoc, Mehmet Aksam, Unal Acar, Harun Salık, Cavit Yilmaz, Kenan Erdinc, Mustafa Doygun Halil Demir lost his life, the driver Fahri Kaya and Servet Celik and Ugur Fire wounded in the vehicle



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