106 Tunnel Project Counts Days

106 Tunnel Project Day Count: The length of the existing tunnels is equal to the distance between Istanbul and Edirne. When the 106 project is finished the length will be up to Istanbul-Cankiri.
In hard and challenging terrains, tunnel projects will both relieve drivers and minimize traffic accidents. Last year 12 50 200 kilometers from kilometer length of the tunnel, continuing to add more kilometers 106 266 the completion of the project. Thus, the total length of tunnels that penetrate the mountains will reach 490 kilometers. This length corresponds to the distance between Istanbul and Cankiri.
Recently, due to occupational safety measures, the construction was discontinued and the deficiencies were eliminated. The project, which is expected to be completed in 2015, will be the second longest tunnel in the world after the 18 km tunnel in China. With the construction of the tunnel, the road standards will be increased and the provinces within the scope of the GAP will be connected to the Eastern Black Sea region and then to other neighboring countries with a high standard way. The tunnel is also of great importance in terms of economically bringing the majority of the GAP products to the Black Sea ports and bringing them to Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus and the Turkic Republics.
Other tunneling works to regions with harsh geographical conditions continue to last. Some important tunnels, especially in the North-South connection, will be opened in 2015 and 2016. The main tunnels are as follows; Cankurtaran Tunnel (Hopa-Borcka), Salmankas Tunnel (Trabzon-Arakli-Bayburt), Erkenek Tunnel (Malatya-Adiyaman), Karahan Tunnel (Malatya-Darende-Kayseri), Cudi Tunnels (Cizre-Sirnak), Ilgaz Tunnel (Kastamonu-Cankiri ), Sapça and Üzülmez (Bolu - Zonguldak) tunnels.
On the other hand, in the Aegean region, the Zacik Tuncer crossing the 6.5 kilometer, which will bring Izmir closer to Manisa, will be opened to traffic in 2016. By linking the coast road with Yeşildere Street in Izmir, the traffic in the city center will be relieved to a great extent, especially around Konak Square, and the connection roads along the 2.5 kilometer long Konak Tunnel are also coming to an end. Konak Tunnel will be completed in 2015 year and put into service.
Projects continue full throttle
Kop (Erzurum-Bayburt) Tunnel: 1600 meter-long tunnel, which ends the 6500-meter section, will cost 215 million pounds. (Open in 2017)
Erkenek Tunnel: 1816 meter tunnel, 15 will be reduced to 3 minutes per minute. (Will open in 2015)
Karahan Tunnel (Malatya-Kayseri): 1600-meter tunnel between Kayseri-Malatya 18 5 minutes will be minutes. (Will open in 2015)
Salmankaş Tunnel: The 4200-meter tunnel located on the Araklı-Dağbaşı-Uğrak road will provide the year-round service of 5 moon traffic in winter. (Will open in 2015)
Ilgaz Tunnel: Ilgaz Mountain, which is the fearful dream of the drivers, will be able to pass 5391 minutes with 8 meter tunnel which is under construction. (Will open in 2015)
Mithatpaşa 2 Tunnel: The 1530-meter tunnel on the Zonguldak-Hisarönü road will reduce the travel time from 30 to 5 minutes. (Will open in 2015)

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