Wagons arrived before arriving in Trabzona railway

Wagons arrived before the railway arrived in Trabzon: The Ro-Ro Ship, which took wagons from Samsun to Russia's Kavkaz Port, took shelter in Trabzon Port due to adverse weather conditions.

The ship, which left Samsun on Monday, 13 October to go to Russia's Kavkaz Port, loaded with wagons, turned its route to the Georgian Port of Poti in line with the shipper's instructions while the discharge port was Russia's Kavkaz Port. Russian after Poti Lama closed to ships due to storm bayraklı The ship named M / V BFI-1 had to take shelter in Trabzon Port to avoid storm on the way. The ship will continue on its way again after the weather conditions return to normal.

Providing information on the subject, Trabzon Port Operations Deputy Manager Engin Harbutoğlu said that a ship loaded with wagons arrived at Trabzon Port for the first time. Harbutoğlu said, “The ship left Samsun Port at the beginning of the week and wanted to take shelter in Trabzon Port due to the weather conditions in line with the information obtained from meteorology. We were surprised when we saw the load of the ship. We have seen the wagons without seeing the railway in Trabzon. It was the first time that a ship loaded with wagons arrived at our port. We want the railway to come to Trabzon as soon as possible, ”he said.



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