Viaduct six, both garbage dumps and bogs

📩 24/11/2018 14:19

Under the viaduct, there was both a dump and a basement: The section under the viaduct in the Izmit Şirintepe district of TEM Highway has been used as a dump for years. Someone who took advantage of not doing the necessary inspections has been bringing the garbage and construction debris for a long time.
The inhabitants of the region, who are now almost condemned to use the area as garbage dumps, also stated that this region became a hobo, drunkard, especially in the summer months, and that the groups gathered there were workers and drugs. It starts from the garbage dump beneath the viaduct and it is even claimed that some people in the region stretching into the woodland in the Şirintepe area are engaged in prostitution. Almost every day, the municipality, the night call to the police and the residents who said that the notice, lar Unfortunately, the police, nor the police are not interested in notice. This area has become very risky. Our peace has escaped. H

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