Lifetime driving license ends

Lifetime driving license ends: Ministry of National Education (MONE), driving courses, warned about the change in the number of license classes.
The Ministry stated that the Road Traffic Regulations have not been published yet and added:, The 9 type of driving license will be issued to 17. There will be diversity in the number of vehicles to be used for this driver's license, Bu he said.
According to the Highways Traffic Regulations, the A1, A2, F, H, B, G, C, D and E class drive documents will be shelved. 9 separate driver's license class 17, which causes Turkish drivers to suffer in EU countries, will be brought into separate class.
New driver documentation; A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE, C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, DE, M, F, G and K will consist of class. The driver's license will not last a lifetime. A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE, F and G class drive certificates 10 year, C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D and DE class driving licenses will be valid for 5 year.
Only drivers with automatic gearboxes will be given the B1, while the candidate drivers will be given a class K license.

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