Uzunköprü will be UNESCO's longest stone bridge

Uzunköprü will be the longest stone bridge of UNESCO: The longest stone bridge in the world, Uzunköprü, has started to be included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.
The Ottoman sultans II. The bridge was built by architect Muslihiddin during the period of Murat. The historic bridge on Ergene, one of the most important rivers of Thrace, connects Anatolia with the Balkans. Over time, the bridge was repaired in the last 16. During this repair, the concrete was poured over and the identity of the date was damaged. The historical bridge is still going through Edirne-Izmir State Highway.
The century-old bridge is now in danger of collapse. Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Şahin said that work has begun to include Uzunköprü, the longest stone bridge in the world, to UNESCO. Emphasizing that Edirne is a unique city in the world in terms of historical artifacts, Şahin said, “We have an enormous wealth of historical artifacts. As a result of previous studies in Edirne, Selimiye was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and Kırkpınar on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Of course, this is a very important achievement, we have started to work to take the longest stone bridge in the world, Uzunköprü, which is 174 meters long and built on the Ergene River on 392 high arches, into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. said.
Explaining that this is not an easy process, the Governor said, “We have some criteria and we need to prepare very well. I hope that we will make our application in a short time and we will get a positive end, Um he said.
Governor Şahin stated that the inclusion of Uzunköprü, which is older and longer than the Roman Bridge in Spain, on the UNESCO list is a great sign for both Turkey and Edirne. kazanHe added that I would.
Ergene River emerged as a natural obstacle in the campaigns of the Ottomans to the Balkans. The century-old bridge built to overcome this obstacle allowed the Ottoman army to continue its raids in the winter. When Uzunköprü was built a mosque and imaret as well as a settlement with the name of Ergene were built. The historical bridge that gives its name to Uzunköprü district of Edirne is one thousand 392 meters long and the 6 meter has an 80 inch width. Some of the 174 pieces of arches on the bridge are pointed, some are round. The height and the width of the bridge, which has changed in some places, floods on some of the feet and balconies on them were built. The elephant, lion and bird figures on the stone feet served as a bridge for centuries and the passage of people and vehicles.

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