Overpass There Is No

Overpass No: No: In Erzurum, citizens who do not use the overpass made by the General Directorate of Highways to Atatürk University Junction cross the street from where the traffic of vehicles is intense.
The overpass built by the 80th Regional Directorate of Highways to the Atatürk University junction, which is located on the Erzurum-Ağrı E12 Highway and where vehicle traffic is intense, is ignored by the citizens. Many kazanInstead of using the overpass at the intersection where the traffic accident occurred, citizens almost invite an accident by crossing the road where the vehicle traffic is heavy. Citizens, who use the road where the vehicles pass instead of persistently using the overpass, disregarding their lives, are crossing the street without being aware of the danger. It was interesting that the overpass, which was built to prevent accidents and facilitate the passage of pedestrians to the opposite side, was not preferred by people. The absence of traffic lights at the intersection where pedestrians do not use the overpass and cross the road brings to mind the possibility of a possible disaster.
Particularly intensely, the university students did not use the overpass and they drew attention from the careless way.

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