Transportation was transferred to ESTRAMa

The transportation was transferred to ESTRAM: The Metropolitan Municipality Council took place on Friday. Public transport services were transferred to ESTRAM A.Ş. Although the issue has been promoted as meden privatized daha as ESTRAM Inc. is in the status of company, it would be more accurate to say that the company's special status is more olduğ metropolitan “than capitalization.
Because when we look at the capital structure of ESTRAM A.Ş. As it is known, ESTRAM AS is defined as a municipality company. Although the fact that ESTRAM AŞ has a company status and therefore the transfer of transportation services to ESTRAM AŞ is defined as leşme privatization ilm, this definition applies only in theory, it would be more appropriate to say ası Metropolitanized E in practice rather than privatization.
The transfer of the public transportation services to ESTRAM Transportation A.Ş. In order to be able to make a contract with Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, the Council of Metropolitan Municipality of 08 2014 301 date and XNUMX numbered decision and Plan and Budget with the Joint Commission was sent.
As a matter of fact, the number of the members of the AKP and the members of the CHP with the unity is too small to pass the fingers of a hand. That is why, the unanimous decision of this decision in the commission shows the importance of the decision.

The Joint Commission on Plan and Budget and Transportation explains why the decision was taken;
1. 31 Since the date of March 2014, the boundary of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has been changed to the Provincial Boundary Limit. With the said law, 12 district was added to the authority area of ​​Metropolitan Municipality.
2. It is important that the public transportation services have a high quality and sustainable transportation service in Eskişehir in order to meet the requirements and to meet the needs. For these reasons, the need for restructuring of transportation services has emerged.
3. 5216 of Law No. 26 on Transportation. According to the article, it has become a necessity to be handed over to the municipal companies serving with the private sector working approach as applied in other metropolitan municipalities.

Commission report says;
Un The public and municipal services within the boundaries of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality should not interfere, safe, comfortable and high quality public transportation should be provided to all the people of Eskişehir, the public transportation of rail and tire wheeled vehicles should be planned, managed, coordinated and operated as a whole. “

1. Within the boundaries of Eskişehir, which will operate within the integrated ticket system and will operate within the integrated ticket system in the future, it will be transferred to ESTRAM ULAŞIM A.Ş., 10 yearly operation of all wheeled public transportation vehicles in the routes and routes to be determined by UKOME;
2. ESTRAM TRANSPORTATION INC. will be paid to the Metropolitan Municipality of 3 every month on the basis of the monthly passenger ticket revenue of each vehicle entered into the transportation service.
The reason for the decision is that the Metropolitan Law is clearly seen. This is because the reference to the law is the most obvious reason. We also understand from the commission report that transport will be restructured. This restructuring will not be covered, but we do not yet know what, but in particular olan within the integrated ticket system within the boundaries of the Eskişehir province, which will work in the integrated ticket system in the future sistemi the sign within the boundaries of the Metropolitan and district transportation within the boundaries of the serious and well-established structures of the sign of the sign.
The reference to 12, which is connected to the Metropolitan through the Metropolitan Law, also indicates that the change will be mainly for district and village transportation and the integrated ticket system will be introduced.

The effects of the decision, the effects of public transport and transportation will remain unknown. They're confused. According to some, privatization, but in my opinion, this decision, which can be accepted as otobüs metropolitanization ecek, has not yet received their views, but it can be carried to court by private public bus operators. We can understand this from the statement of Ahmet Yapici, the AKP who interpreted the decision to the heat.
Acak The authority will be in the company now. The ropes are in the hands of the president, but the authority is in the hands of the company. So there is a very serious change. Current public bus drivers will also be severely victimized. Contracts will be brought to heavy loads. Maybe most of them are going to go. A new structure will be created here. This structure will also cover districts. There will be many grievances. There will be serious arrangements for both passengers and public bus operators as well as public transportation. If we had made a different decision, Mr. President, I would say ın
The subject seems to bring about a very hot debate. If the AKP group says yes to the decision and say yes, we will wonder if there will be a new structure.

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