Asphalt and Keystone Laying Works of Tusba Municipality

Asphalt and Keystone Laying Works from the municipality of Tusba: Van center Tapsba Municipality, Asphalt application and lock works initiated in neighborhoods continue at full speed.
Having completed the road asphalting works initiated in Şemsibey District, Tusba Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs completed the stabilization works of the soil and the unusable road that provides transportation to Abdulhamit Han Primary and Secondary School, Atatürk Anatolian High School and Seyrantepe Kindergarten in Seyrantepe Neighborhood. Tusba Municipality, which has also completed the road expansion and stabilization works carried out in 23 neighborhoods far from the district center, continues asphalting and paving the keystone works on the roads whose infrastructure has been completed. Tusba Municipality, aiming to lay 100 thousand square meters of paving stones by the end of the year, stated that hot asphalt will be built 30 kilometers in addition to the first floor asphalt asphalt. It also made the tender of 4 thousand meters of corrugated pipes and pipes to be used in the infrastructure of the roads where asphalt and cobblestone will be laid.
Having examined the work done with Science Director Naci Cezlan on site, Mayor Assoc. Dr. Fevzi Özgökçe said that the steep and rocky areas due to the geographical structure of the Tusba district have increased the cost of construction. Stating that the conditions will not break their determination to work, President Özgökçe said, “I hope we will bring all our Tusba residents to clean and beautiful roads. Our citizens will now get rid of pit, mud and garbage ”.
Stating that they continue their work in the region without interruption despite the short season, Mayor Özgökçe stated that if the weather is normal, they will exceed the target they have set. Assoc. Dr. Özgökçe said, “The target we set before us now is a work plan that we have made considering all seasonal negativities. I hope we will achieve the target we have determined after the holiday. Because there are problems brought by years in all our neighborhoods. In order to minimize these, we work by adding our night to our day. With the permission of Allah, we will make Tusba, roads, landscaping, children's playgrounds, neighborhood markets, district sports grounds, information houses, parks and gardens, etc., into a modern livable city within the strategic plan.

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