TIR has broken down the level crossing at the crossing

The TIR broke down at the level crossing, and the tragedy was avoided by a narrow distance: Upon the breakdown of the TIR crossing the level crossing in Tarsus district of Mersin, the barrier officer, who noticed the trains coming from both sides, warned the mechanics and prevented a possible disaster.

According to the information received, the TIR, which wanted to cross the level crossing on Anıt Mahallesi Dumlupınar Boulevard to Şehitler Caddesi, suddenly broke down on the train tracks. Realizing that the truck was standing on the rails, the barrier officer Ali Fuat Yıldız prevented a possible disaster by warning the drivers of the passenger trains coming in the direction of Mersin and Adana and full of passengers at the same time.

Speaking on the subject, the barrier officer told the incident as follows:

Emin In the evening time, the TIR which came over the Dumlupınar Street in the 20.30 ranks stopped at the rails while trying to pass through the passageway. When I went to the driver, the driver said that the vehicle was not working, I immediately Tarsus Gar 's passengers taking the train moving train and Tarsus'a by entering the passage of the passenger trains in the passenger trains I warned the mechanic. The trainers who received the warning stopped as soon as they reached the level. Trapped in the tracks on the tracks after trains went on their way, ray he said.

On the other hand, the TIR driver on the rails failed to work despite all the efforts of the driver on the rails with the help of the citizens in the vicinity of the rails were pushed back.



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