TANK model for train purchase

TANK model for train purchase: The details of the government's transformation program in the 25 area are evident. The economy bureaucracy is preparing to coordinate large public procurement from a single center, just like the defense industry. The program to be announced in November will be applied to public procurement, such as trains and buses.

PUBLIC is preparing to radically change the model it is following in the large industrial purchases that find billions of liras. According to the new model that the economy bureaucracy is working on, the system applied in defense procurement will be applied to the public purchases such as train sets and buses. Purchases will be made to companies in Turkey will be required to be made at a certain level of domestic production. Coordination of purchases from a single center is also on the table.


One of the important topics in the 25 transformation program, the steps to be taken in this regard also began to be clear. In this context, the system used in the defense industry was under the spotlight. The purchases made in the defense industry are carried out from a single center through the “Undersecretariat for Defense Industries Savunma. In case of high volume purchases, the off-set condition is applied. Iyor Off-set ği is known as the system which accepts the conditions such as the purchase of goods from the country or the company's guarantee to export to other countries in order to provide a certain amount of foreign exchange re-entry in the country or company which receives the job in large purchases. The final decision on large-scale purchases is given by the Defense Industry Executive Committee headed by the Prime Minister.


According to the authorities that the said model has been implemented successfully, this system will be reflected in other areas where the public makes large purchases. Or The public buys high-level industrial products every month. However, each institution makes its own purchases and prefers different manufacturers. As such, the bargaining power of the public is decreasing, lar said the officials. Y Direction of purchases from a single center will exceed these problems to a great extent. For this reason, a structure similar to the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries may be considered. Bidder to some extent the domestic purchase requirement, Turkey is considered in terms of technology transfer in this context, "gave the information.


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