The identity of the person who died in the train crash became clear

The identity of the person who died in the train accident was revealed: It was determined that the person who died under the sweat on which he was walking was 28-year-old Hasan Çavuşoğlu in the Gaziemir District of Izmir. Meanwhile, Deniz Men 's cell phone, which was seized shortly before the accident, was found near the scene, in dismantling. Fingerprint study was carried out to determine who hijacked the phone.

The accident occurred between İZBAN Esbaş Stop and District Garage Stop. İZBAN suburban train numbered 30143, running from Aliağa to Cumaovası direction, hit a person on the tracks in an area where there was no lighting, while approaching Esbaş Stop. After the drivers on the train braked and stopped the train, they notified the police and medical teams. Paramedics determined that the person hit by the train was destroyed and died. The police took a fingerprint to identify the person whose identity card was not found. In the subsequent examination, it was determined that the deceased was Hasan Çavuşoğlu. Çavuşoğlu's lifeless body was taken to the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute Morgu for autopsy. In the first statements of the machinists, it was learned that someone was walking towards the train on the rails and that they could not stop the train despite braking. Three machinists were released after their testimony was taken.


By the way, about half an hour before the accident, Deniz Men claimed that a person who came to him punched him and fled after taking his mobile phone that had fallen. Thereupon, Men, who was taken to the police car, participated in the studies initiated to find the suspect in the vicinity. KazanAfter that, the police took Men to the scene. After Men stated that the clothes on the deceased were similar to the clothes of the person who extorted him, the police conducted an investigation in the area. The mobile phone stolen from Men was found dismembered about 300 meters behind the body.

It was noted that Deniz Men could not make a clear diagnosis due to the disintegration of the body, and that the fingerprint taken from his mobile phone would be compared with Çavuşoğlu's fingerprint. It has been reported that the investigation launched by the police into the accident and extortion is continuing.


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