THY Khersona began organizing flights

THY started to organize flights to Khersona: Turkish Airlines (THY) started to organize flights to Kherson, one of the important cities of Ukraine.
Turkish Airlines (THY) has started to organize flights to Kherson, one of the important cities of Ukraine.
Taking off from Ataturk Airport, the Boeing A471-320 type "MUŞ" flight numbered TK 200 landed at Kherson Airport approximately 75 minutes later.
Aircraft welcome ceremony, President of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andriy Putilov, Turkey's ambassador in Kiev and Odessa Consul General Nur Tezel Can Manage participated in the milking.
The ribbon was cut due to the first flight at the apron, where folk dances unique to Ukraine were performed. The teams meet girls in traditional clothing from Turkey, bread, a symbol of hospitality in Ukraine and offered bread and salt. After the welcome on the apron, the ceremony held in the terminal building started.
In his speech here, THY Marketing and Sales Director Ziya Taşkent said that they were happy to reach Kherson like many other places in the world.
Providing information about the corporate structure of THY, Taşkent noted that the company was selected as the best airline in Europe for 4 consecutive years. Taşkent pointed out that they have achieved a stable and profitable growth in the last 10 years and explained that THY deserves the title of a global brand.
Talking about the increase in the number of passengers over the years, Taşkent said, “Soon 250 more aircraft will join our fleet. Thanks to the 3rd airport, we will become an airline company that carries 120 million passengers a year. Ukraine is a very close and deep market for THY. "We have been running operations here for more than 20 years."
Taşkent stated that they chose the aircraft types that best fit the existing qualifications of Kherson Airport and that larger-bodied aircraft can be used on this line thanks to the improvements to be made at the airport over time.
Kherson Regional State Administration President Putilov emphasized that today is an important day in Kherson history and said, “Until today, such large planes have not landed here. This step will also open the door to new investments ”.
The Ambassador of Ukraine in Kiev, Turkey Tezel "strategic partner" and described it as, he wished to increase this kind of interaction.
4 time per week
After the speeches, Tashkent and Putilov pasted the Turkish Airlines logo on the map of Kherson and Istanbul on these cities. At the ceremony, where mutual gifts and plaques were given, a cake with the word "Kherson" was cut.
THY will make 4 flights per week from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Kherson in the first place.
In addition to being able to travel from Istanbul to Kherson with prices starting from 99 euros round-trip, including all taxes, passengers will also be able to benefit from many THY advantages thanks to their flights.

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