Historical bridge restoration will be completed within a month

The historical bridge restoration will be completed within a month: Ardahan Mayor Faruk Köksoy has audited the works of the Municipality and explained the works.
President Köksoy, Ardahan Historical Bridge over the work done on the bridge, passing through the bridge of water diarrhea will be passed under the Kura river, saying:
“The historical steel bridge of our Ardahan, as all our fellow citizens know, is within the scope of the historical site. In this context, unfortunately, sewage lines, water lines were passed over this precious historical value in the past, and significant damages were made during the historical value and usability of the bridge. Based on this, we have completed the historical bridge restoration project within the framework of our project. These lines, on which 500 mm, 300 mm, 200 mm water lines are passed, are the lines that feed our city and the main water tank from Çataldere village. These distribution lines are dismantled over the bridge, and they pass under the river underground. Approximate cost of the study (submerging the pipes only) is around 600 thousand TL. Hopefully these works will be completed in a month. ” Said.
Köksoy said that the restoration works of your bridge will begin as of the next year. will be open to hiking, recreation and fishing activities. In addition, with its historical castle, historical Aziziye barracks, historical bridge and river, this region will be a center of attraction. When the studies are completed, another project that will increase the value of Ardahan and this region will be realized. Good luck already. ”
President Köksoy also added that the restoration was done with the General Directorate of Highways.

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