The world's fastest train and all the details of the Japanese

The fastest train and details of the world made by the Japanese: The Japanese are getting ready to take the fastest train title. Harmony Express, which is used by the Chinese on the Shanghai line, is currently the fastest train with a speed of 487.3 km / h, while the new train named JR Tokai, which has received government approval in Japan, will be able to travel at 500 km / h.

With the new train with magnetic levitation technology developed by the Central Japan Railway company, the journey from the capital city of Tokyo to the industrial center of Nagoya will be reduced to 40 minutes. The Japanese, who want to expand this system across the country, aim to move the same line to Osaka until 2045. If this happens, the Tokyo - Osaka journey, which takes 138 minutes by bullet train, will be reduced to 67 minutes. If everything goes well, the total cost of the project will be approximately $ 85 billion.

Central Japan Railway, which made the application of the project to the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Tourism in August, is confident about the reliability and environmental impacts of the project. Minister Akihira Ota emphasizes the environmental impacts of the project and states that the company that owns the project should get permission from the residents of the train line. The first phase of the giant project, the Tokyo-Nagoya line, also requires approval by local authorities.

Koei Tsuge, who received the letter of authorization from transport minister Akihira Ota, says that they will be in cooperation with local officials on the route, and their aim is to finish the project as soon as possible. The project, the construction of which started this month, is expected to be completed in 2027. The construction of the train line projected as a result of serious feasibility studies will also be a very difficult process for engineers.

286% of the 86 kilometer-long Tokyo-Nagoya line will consist of tunnels. In some areas, the train will even be 40 meters below ground. In the final test of the super-fast train, the trials of which were successfully completed, it was moved on the wheels until it reached a speed of 160 kilometers, and then it was moved to magnetic levitation and reached a speed of 500 km. The company, which does not consider them sufficient, will also conduct public tests in November-December to gain the trust of the local people. So how does this train move with technology?

Maglev, based on the most recent technology in the high-speed train world, with its magnetic levitation or short description, is basically based on magnets. As you know, the two magnets that the poles push each other can be overlapped by the magnetic pushing force without touching each other. It is also this principle that allows the operation of magnetic rail levitation trains. The special rails used in the lines of the train have magnets loaded with electric current. That's how the train can proceed on the 10mm of the rails without making any contact with them.

The fact that the magnetic rail trains are able to be seen at such a high speed, the friction due to the train-ray contact in the traditional systems plays a big role. On the other hand, the aerodynamic differences of the trains in this class also minimize the friction of the air which supports the speed. The Maglev trains, which are the performance monsters, have great advantages, but they do not have any discretion. First of all, cheap and fast provide great convenience to solve the transportation problem of countries, but investment costs can be frightening. For example, the Tokyo-Nagoya line, 50, which is the first phase of the project, will cost $ 1 billion.

The main factor that raises the cost is the creation of special lines equipped with very powerful electromagnets for Maglev trains that do not operate on normal rail tracks. In addition, this system to maintain the operability of highly developed and more sensitive control technologies to use, the necessary security measures need to be taken. For these reasons, magnetic levitation trains can be developed and used by only a few countries today.

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