One Page From History IETT T Trolleybus

One page from history İETT T troleybüs: The hidden T trolleybus of IETT, which some of us have forgotten, some of whom have never had the opportunity to meet. How many of us did not think about what IETT stands for in childhood. We called Istanbul Electric Tram, we could not come to the trolleybus. Because we could not reach the trolleybus serving until 1984. The adventure of the trolley bus, which remains in this past, starts about 60 years ago. In the 1950 years, electric trams cannot meet the needs of the city and the buses are costly and the trolleybus is decided to pass.

With the first trolleybuses coming from Italy, flights are started at 1961. Thus, the trolleybus, which has existed in Ankara since 47 and since 56 in İzmir, is entering the lives of Istanbulites. 45 force center, 6 trolleybus, which has a total length of 100 kilometers, is located. 1968'de the local vehicle with the participation of Tosun'un this number reaches 101. The trolleybuses that are frequently left on the roads and interrupted due to power outages at 84 are removed from the business. The buildings remain. That's one of them. Istanbul University is located on the same street as Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education. Additional buildings are being built next to the force center. The situation of the IETT's old building is unknown.

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