Overpass Work Starts for Pedestrians in Söke's Sazlı District

Overpass Works for Pedestrians Started in Sazlı District of Söke: A pedestrian overpass is being built on the Söke-Milas Highway, which passes through the Sazlı neighborhood of Söke.
In Sazlı, where there have been catastrophic accidents for the last years, the accident took place last May; to make the overpass after the accident, the public closed the highway to traffic, overpass was asked to do.
After the tender on the pedestrian overpass to be built on the highway, the contractor company started to work. Especially for the students who have to use the road to cross the Hacı Halil Paşa Secondary School located on the side of the highway, the overpass will be prevented by the overpass.
The work started at the point where the overpass was made. The foundation excavation was carried out where the feet of the reinforced concrete prefabricated pedestrian overpass will be 24 meter long and 6 meter high. According to information obtained in Sazlı'da overpass in a month and a half to be completed.
Stating that they do not want to experience more painful events in Sazli Cetin Passenger Headquarters, said they were happy to begin to make the top passage. Sazli Headman Çetin Yolcuoğlu; Til Aydın Governor Erol Ayyıldız and our district governor Mehmet Demirezer made great efforts to build the overpass. We lost a student brother in the last accident. In that process, both the Governor and the Governor did not leave us alone. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the construction of the overpass, especially the Governor Erol Ayyıldız and Kaymakam Mehmet Demirezer in the name of Sazlı People. S

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